The Photo is the old Highway junction at old 101 Pacific Coast & Hwy 8 or back then we might of call it 80. You can see the Presidio Mission in the background at the old Town Park. We use to slide down there on dry ice. My Dad and Gramps worked for Challenge Dairy back then just east on old 80. We on the same thought? -- Frank Greiner ‘69

I hope you get back to all of us on the location of the aerial photo in San Diego. My guess is the juncture of Route 5 and the 8 --- It looks like it may have been taken just over the Mission Valley area. Actually, I guess that would have been the 101 and Route 8! (the route name hadn't been changed yet!) Can't wait to find out! Thanks! --
Gloria Peckham Mercier '67

All I can figure is that it is Old Town looking east. I didn't know US101 and HWY 80 had a 3/4 clover leaf. The interstate system was many years away. Was Pacific Highway actually US101 there? --
Mike Fry ’60

Thanks for including an old aerial photo of San Diego in 1946. I love old shots of the city and aerial views, especially. I immediately recognized the view looking east up Mission Valley. The Presidio Mission is nearly dead center in the shot. The part that amazed me was that there was actually a cloverleaf interchange from US Hwy 80 in the foreground. I would have bet that there was no such thing in San Diego that long ago –
Owen “Wes” Western ’63

Thanks for sharing the photo of Mission Valley. I can see where I lived as a child in the government housing next to Juan St. It is now the Heritage Park with old historic homes and buildings --
Bruce Parker ' 62

The Howard Rozelle photo is the junction of US 80 and PCH (101) looking east up Mission Valley. Mission Hills, the Presidio, and Old Town are clearly visible as well as the Santa Fe RR Morena Blvd (to the far left) is a secondary road leading to the new community (just out of view) of Linda Vista where I was raised until 7 yrs old. To the far right (just out of view) was the Arrowhead Water Co. plant (Washington and Hancock) where my Dad worked for 35 years. Ahhh, the old days --
Rodger Gredvig '64

The air photo is great--looking east up Mission Valley with the Presidio in the nearer part. I'm surprised there already was a cloverleaf in 1946. My folks moved back to San Diego (from DC) in 1947 and we lived in former Navy housing east of Midway Drive, near where the Sports Arena is now. We called it Aztec Villa--entirely occupied by SDSC faculty, waiting for post-war housing to be built. I remember the long drive to San Diego State along a two-lane road that hugged the south edge of Mission Valley, but I have no recollection of the "freeway" portion visible in the photo. I also was surprised to see the east-west streets on the mesa stubbing out near the north edge (south side of the valley), but on checking a street map I see that indeed they do (Madison Ave especially). I went to Midway Elementary School (no trace remains) for Kindergarten and First grade, then to the Campus Lab School. One of these days maybe I'll scan my Kindergarten class photo and send it to you. For some reason I don't have one from First grade, and for some other reason the Campus Lab School didn't have them until Fourth grade, so there's a three-year gap in my childhood. My most vivid memory from Midway was in Kindergarten going out on to the playground on the south side of school (all paved, of course, in the San Diego tradition) in order to see what I remember as the last ever flight out from Lindbergh of a B-36, probably in 1948 (but according to Wikipedia they first flew in 1948, so my memory of the reason for us being out there may be flawed). It was really scary--I swear I could see the rivets as if flew right over us--they gained altitude very slowly. Thanks again for making Friday extra fun. --Bob Richardson '61

OOOOOhhhh, a game? Name that part of San Diego? No wonder I'm lost when I go home. Intersection of the 8 and 5 in the foreground. Mission Valley on the left. Cliffs in the middle right side are North Park/ Meade St/33rd area/ Is that Westwick(??) Park that I see (I could go find that old Park and Recreation Dance program from 1958 for it's spelling. My brother witnessed that long, long. longest baseball game there. I should print this and sent it to my brother (Hoover '59). This is fun - do more -- Jean Schweikhard Mueller (should have been '71 became a San Dieguito Mustang)

(Apparently there WAS a cloverleaf in 1946. Susie Johnson Martin '71 shares a Highway 101 web site)

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