About the 'racing oval' There was a stable with a training track in that location (this was in addition to the stable that used to be where Bloomingdale's is now). We used to sneak our horses in and use the backside of the track where no one could see us -- Sandy Liflander ‘59

I cannot tell you what the “racing oval” is, but it may have been a workout track for the horse ranch that used to be where Westgate Field was built. I took riding lessons at that ranch and we used to go out in the direction of that track every week. I don’t remember ever seeing any cars or anything on it --
Barbara Bright Wilder ’62

About the "race track" in the aerial photo. As I recall, there were two stables in Mission Valley. Kenmore Stable was next door to Town and Country and one could rent a horse by the hour and ride "English". The other stable was further west and one entered from Friars Rd. I don't remember the name but one could rent a horse and ride "western" style. I did my riding at Kenmore so don't know many facts about the other. Could that "race track" be something used for horses?? Maybe this will jog someone's memory --
Lynn Routt Swanson '62

The Polo Grounds were in that area, near Friar's Rd. I remember riding around a huge dirt track when it was Kenmore Stables. You can see the first Kenmore Stables under the trees south of Westgate Park. Also Valley Lane Farms northeast of the park. I remember Danny Daniels stopping our riding lesson to point out Arthur Godfrey's palomino there --
Katy McGuire Boswell ‘68

I love these aerial photos. Note the long-forgotten Westgate Park, home of the Padres after leaving Navy Field. I remember seeing a game there called "Donkey" baseball, which required each player to have a donkey on the field. They had to drag or coax their donkey to go with them as they fielded the ball...Does anyone else recall this crazy game? The other thing is that you could stand outside the short fence and catch homeruns. Also, this is long before Fashion and Mission Valley centers -- Patrick Edwards, '67

Are we still playing Guess The Photo? This one looks west along Mission Valley, with Cabrillo Freeway toward the bottom. The Town and Country is brand new and the golf course is under construction. I have no recollection of a baseball park where Fashion Valley is now, but I pretty much left San Diego in fall of 1961. I don't know what the racetrack farther west was either (visible in your "1946" photo as well). I do remember the delicious flats of tomatoes and bags of cukes and corn that my folks eagerly bought from the truck farms in Mission Valley. Can't get produce like that anymore --
Bob Richardson '61

I really enjoy these historical photos of San Diego. The latest shot is obviously the construction of the 395 / I-8 interchange (formerly the 6th street extension and US 80). Also prominent is the new Westgate Park of the Padres (formerly at Lane Field downtown -- both of which I attended). The site is now Fashion Valley Mall. The Padres moved to the Stadium with the Chargers in 1967. Now here is my question. Last week there was speculation on whether there was a highway cloverleaf at PCH and US 80 in 1946. In the 1946 photo you can see there was no major interchange at 395 so the 1946 photo is clearly the earlier shot. Yet in the 1958 photo the 101/80 interchange in the distance appears simple. My opinion: we just can't see the cloverleaf details from that distance. I remember in the early ‘50s taking a test drive in a Hudson with my parents in Mission Valley. The dealer drove us around and around a cloverleaf to demonstrate handling of the car. The location most certainly had to be the PCH cloverleaf since the 395 interchange hadn't been built (as we can see) until 1958. By the way, highway cloverleafs came long before Interstate freeway interchanges. The first one was built in New Jersey in 1929 --
Rodger Gredvig '64

Does anyone know what it is that looks like an oval racetrack in the old photos from 1946 and 1958? It can be seen in both photos in Mission Valley just east of Morena and north of 80. I know there were horse stables down near there at one time. These are sure fun!!! Please do more --
Susie Johnson Martin ’71

The 1958 photo is looking west with the freeway interchange of 395 and 80 in the foreground, including open space east of 395 and a small amount of development west of 395. I really liked the 1946 aerial photo. I hope you can send my email address to Bruce Parker, class of '62, because he probably lived in the government housing near Juan Street during the time period that I lived there. I lived there between 1946 and 1951. I attended Fremont Elementary School. I remember John Allison attending Freemont when I did. I have many interesting memories from my early years in Old Town. Thank you John for all your work on this web site over the years --
Richard Saunders ‘61

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