We think the mystery picture is the intersection of highway 94 and whatever the 15 was back then. See the above image from Google Earth -- Alan Fedder '69

I think the clue is the three diagonal streets in the center of the picture. The only mesa that was developed, was between 8 and Federal blvd, which is maybe in the foreground. This may be the beginning of 94 and Wabash and Home Avenue. They worked on 94 forever. It still wasn't done (at the west end) until after we graduated --
Pat Chambers 60

To me it looks like the intersection of Rte. 94 (East & West) & 395 North (Wabash Blvd.). Take look at the diagonal city streets and the only place that I found that fits it is the above area --
Eric Sarkela

What a great puzzle! The best clue is Boundary St. that cuts across the north south grid of San Diego Mesa. I tried a view south from Mission Valley, but the best match with Google Earth is looking north from the now I-15/HWY 94 (MLKjr) interchange. That's Wabash Blvd coming down from City Heights, and State HWY 94 about to replace Federal Blvd. I was never too familiar with that part of town, even though Karen and I lived in East San Diego (not too far east of that photo) in the late '70s before we moved to Poway. I remember HWY 94 being real new when I started to drive, so it must be late '50s. I remember Sunday dinners at Chadwick's restaurant on Market St, southwest from the photo area. Florence Chadwick was the long distance swimmer, and her brother Officer Chadwick (I think his first name was Sir) was the policeman in charge of our Junior Patrol at Montezuma Elementary. I searched for some old San Diego street maps on the internet, but I couldn't find any covering the time of your photos or the time we were in school. San Diego was changing so fast then! Do you know of a website with street maps from the last 50 years? --- Mike Fry '60

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