This 1946 aerial of the 32nd Street Naval Base was taken during the two-year period when Howard Rozelle was in partnership with H. A. "Jimmy " Erickson. Somewhere in the middle of the photo is the Quonset Hut the Fry family lived in when we were transferred to San Diego from Long Beach in 1949. Long-time San Diegans will recall the not-so-pleasant aroma that hung over this area. A sewage outflow, I think -- John Fry '62

My parents moved into the Quonsets in 1948, when we came back from Guam. I remember we were a little bummed. In Guam we had a whole Quonset. In National City we had half of one. I do remember we were on the westerly end, and had a real "Ice Box". The Ice man came several times a week. We were there during the rainy season. It seems to me that it rained all the time we were there. Do you remember the guy who came around with the semi-trailer that was converted into a movie theater on Saturday mornings. I think it cost a dime to go to the movies. My friends and I walked up to the elementary school. I don't remember the name. I am still in touch with one of the guys. We met again working at Navy hospital, and again working in the hospitals, when we got out of the Navy. I went to Grant for a while, but that is in Mission Hills -- Pat Chamber 60

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