My guess on aerial photo is Allied Gardens. Newly-graded Waring Road in the middle. College Ave under the "O" in ROZELLE. Fairmont to Mission Gorge on the left. Highway 80 in the foreground -- Robert Laudy 73

Oooh, how I love these aerial shots. Got it! This latest photo is looking basically north in the San Diego area with US Highway 80 coursing through Mission Valley in the foreground. The housing development in the center is the first installment of Allied Gardens, although most of Elsa Road, which eventually would border the south end of this part of Allied Gardens had not yet been developed. It appears to be just a dirt trail, as does Waring Road. Montgomery field is at the top left --
Owen C. Western '63

I think Howard's photo is Allied Gardens, with Waring Road under construction. The east-west road with the bridge is not yet US 80. I think it was called Alvarado Road back then. You can see the ponds in the background that are still part of the quarry operations in Mission Gorge --
Mike Fry 60

The Rozelle photos are really neat. As for the current one: Grantville & I-8 (Alvarado Freeway) and Waring Road, looking north --
Stan Faulwetter 72

I think I can shed some light on the last aerial photos you showed on your web site showing an overpass at the intersection of Hwy 80 and 163 in Mission Valley. I recall the day in 1960 when I got my driver's license. I took my drivers test at the old DMV downtown, where Cal Western Law School is today. My dad gave me the car and I was driving back to Crawford through Mission Valley. All there was at the intersection of Highway 163 and Highway 80 was a boulevard stop sign. The overpass came years later. Hope all is well and best wishes for the holidays --
Mike Roberts 62

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