Two Views of Mission Valley

Nancy Watson Wingo took this color shot on January 20, 2009

Ironically, this Howard Rozelle aerial isn't really an aerial. It's shot from the south rim of Mission Valley around 1965. I recognize the theater at the right, but can't quite recall what the building with the arches is. I think DeFalco's was in this shopping center, maybe Mavin's, as well as an ice-skating rink

Wow - what memories. We had our first print shop in the two-story office building, so I am very familiar with the area. In 1983 the building with the arches was a coffee shop. Olan Mills had a photo studio facing east. I took my daughter there for her third birthday pictures. We then walked a couple of doors down and had a "girls lunch". Yes There was a DeFalco’s and an ice rink -- I think in reverse order, then a large "Moskatells" craft store, then another remodel making the Mavin Deli, along with a large store and behind that the Yarn Mart. Just out of sight to the East was Caesar's restaurant on the curve of Mission Center Road -- Estelle Valonis Brennan '63

Wow, Howard Rozelle's aerial that isn't an aerial brought back a memory. My first real job was bagging groceries at DeFalcos and later becoming a stock clerk. That store was really close to the Campus Drive-In Theater. We lived right down the street on Seminole Dr. That was just before I got my draft notice and joined the Navy in May of 1967 --
Gerald Hihn ’65

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