The Conkling's Man pulls out a drawer, Florence Rozelle waves half-heartedly to Howard, and Florence's brother -- home on leave from the Army -- stops traffic on Chalcedony St in this 1943 photo. That's Fanuel Street on the right, looking north. Florence lived in this house for 62 years, moving to Modesto in 2008 to be near her son. Howard Rozelle passed away in 1995.

My father drove a route for Mrs. Conkling's bakery in the early to mid 1950s. I have a menu from them that lists all the items available for the month of June, probably from around 1956. They would deliver ordered items to your door and also sell out of the truck like an ice cream vendor does. Some of the prices are Apple Pie -- 60 cents, jelly donuts -- 6 for 38 cents, 6.5 inch Devil's Food cake -- 85 cents. They were located at 3277 El Cajon Blvd. That is next to where the 805 passes now -- Frank Trousdale 1964

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