Alvarado Drive-In? That's what Howard wrote on the back of this photo, but it's incorrect. Also on the back was the exact date the photo was taken -- July 29, 1956.

I think you will find that the aerial photo is not the Alvarado Drive-In but the Rancho Drive-In. Under construction is Highway 94 to the south -- Paul Woolery '64

The photo showing the Alvarado Drive-in is actually the Rancho Drive-in. I worked there and also the Campus Drive-in in 1959 for Sam Russo who owned it. I also worked at Ed Chichester's Richfield, which is shown in the picture at Euclid Ave (which passed by the Rancho on the west) and 54th St. where 54th branched off from Euclid. As a native San Diegan, I love to see these old photos. We moved to 54th street from 32nd and Grape St in 1956. They built Fedco across the street from the Richfield gas station at 54th and Euclid in 1957 or 58. The building at the lower right-had corner of the picture is the Food Bowl, where we bought our groceries. We lived on 54th between Grape and Pirotte. They were repainting the outside of the Rancho Drive-In's screen in 1958 and my buddy and I were climbing on the scaffolds. I fell off and broke my arm. Ah --what childhood memories! -- Gary Morris '61

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