I thought you'd enjoy this spectacular Rozelle aerial, which looks north from 70th and El Cajon toward Lake Murray. Then thought, "Wait a minute -- if I enlarge the El Cajon Blvd portion (see below), maybe we can spot Monte Hall's Playland or Andy's Diner. Howard has stamped both 1947 and 1948 on the back of this photo, so it might predate Monte Hall's. Someone out there -- perhaps my non-relative Mike Fry -- is really good at Google Earth or some technology that can tell us what this looks like today, although I'm not sure how that will help us.

This Rozelle photo showing Lake Murray brings back a great memory. My sister Margaret's close friend, Jan Allison Hartwig '59 lived at the lake, where her father was the dam keeper. She knew my dad and I liked to fish and said we could come on a Wednesday, when the lake was closed to the public, but we could only fish near the dam where the public was never allowed. We didn't really expect to catch anything, but it was only a short drive, so we gave it a try. This was probably in 1957. In the photo, the place where we fished is the tiny cove just east of the dam--not the bigger one with the pier. This is where water entered the reservoir, and it turned out to have fish in it. The two large-mouth bass we caught were the biggest fresh-water fish we'd ever caught. I think the larger of the two weighed four pounds. Sorry, no photo was taken--probably because by the time we got home it was just about dark. Jan's house is among the trees just east of the little cove -- Bob Richardson '61

Seems like we spend as much time with your media as we do with anybody else's [like NBC etc.]. Anyway, Ron and I were taking a real close look at the spectacular Rozelle aerial, which looks north from 70th and El Cajon toward Lake Murray. After Ron pulled the Rozelle photo into PhotoShop we were able to see that a couple of structures were missing that we both knew were there in late 1956. The house across the street from Heather's old house on Saranac Street is the Monk house which shows up on Google Earth now since it was constructed in late 1956. Ron's parents' house on Bocaw Place was just finished in January 1955. Ron and I met at John Muir School. We were in Mr. Biggerstaff's 5th Grade class in one of the bungalows located on the north portion of the property. Barbara Ann Place, which is a spur cul de sac off of Bocaw Place, is not even graded in the Rozelle photo. Ron remembers the work being done on Barbara Ann Place during 1956. This stuff may help zero in the photo timing -- Heather Meyer Jagodinski & Ron Jagodinski 62

Howard is incorrect with his dates on the 70th and El Cajon Blvd photo. The reason I know is because my house, which is in the picture, was built in 1954. It's the street with all the white roofs at the middle left side of the picture. This is where Nancy R., Tom Koester, Gary Foster, Jim Webb, and of course my sisters Connie '59 and Meredith '61 grew up --
Jim Smith '63

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