The date on the back of these photos, taken by Nancy's father Gene Watson, is August 1980.
Gene worked for CalTrans and often took pictures of finished freeway projects.
Wanna guess where this one is?

Interstate 15 between Escondido and Temecula. I was stationed at March AFB in Riverside, CA from 1977-1980. We drove old highway 395 (two lanes both ways) many times. And while we waited for hours in traffic, we had front row seats watching them build the new freeway -- Tom Hull '74

The photo looks like I-8 or Highway 80 around Sunrise Highway --
Ken Bowers ‘70

(That was my guess, too. Nancy says it's I-15)

The right picture is looking Southbound I-15 down the long grade to Gopher Canyon Rd. & before you climb the long grade past Lawrence Welk’s on the left. The left picture is still Southbound, but looking North & Gopher Canyon Rd. is behind the CalTrans pickup. Also if you follow the Hwy in the left picture to the very top & could see around the bend you would see the Arched Bridge. (My opinion -- also I knew Gene) -- Eric Sarkela ‘60

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