November 15, 1960 must have been a crystal-clear day for Howard Rozelle 'cause you can see all the way from . . . oh, wait a minute -- I better not give it away. A hint: you're looking southeast.

My guess on the photo is that the plane is above what is now University City looking south into North Clairemont and Clairemont. Mission Valley is at the top edge of the photo. The road coming north is probably Genesee Ave., but maybe Regents Road (I don't think that was constructed until later). To the left (east) is where 805 is now. 52 (going east-west) may now be in the valley at the top/north of the photo. I'll be amazed if I'm right, but that's my take Donn Dufford 63

Looks like North Clairemont with Regents Rd in the foreground Paul Woolery '64

Looks to me the photo is the beginning of University City at the bottom, hwy 52 would run in the canyon, and Clairemont in the middle and top Gary Morris '61

I believe we are looking southwest across what is now hwy 52. It looks like San Clemente Canyon and surrounding suburbs. I think I can pick out Clairemont Mesa Boulevard crossing the canyon. That canyon was a nice quiet place for a hike even back in the early '70s -- Gary L Smith 70

I thought I had guessed the Rozelle shot correctly, and this time I've even got proof. It's looking southeast at San Clemente Canyon with the community of Clairemont just beyond. Regents Road winds through the gorge. Mission Valley is at the top. Attached is the same view today thanks to Google Earth from a virtual altitude of 7500 feet -- Owen Western '63

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