I'm pretty sure you won't have any trouble recognizing the old San Diego Rowing Club, which -- having fallen into disrepair -- was restored and taken over by the Chart House, then sold to Joe's Crab Shack. I'm not sure what the island in the middle was in 1946, but by the mid-'60s it often served as Party Central for the San Diego State fraternities. Somewhere in the lower photo, I think, should be Glacier Gardens. Remember the Ice Capades before the Sports Arena opened. Yup -- that IS the Star of India in the upper photo.

Also in the lower photo are SDG&E's natural gas storage tanks. I don't know anything about them, but they were a strange and ugly feature of San Diego's skyline. My guess is they stored uncompressed natural gas in very large volumes -- Mike Fry ‘60

Thanks for the memories of the SD Rowing Club. I used to play handball there in the ‘60s. There was a small non-regulation handball and paddleball court in the main rowing club, which was made of dark wood lath with poor lighting. But there was also a full size handball court out on the "island" that made a unique sound you don't hear anymore in today's concrete monolith sports clubs. I miss the rickety bridge that led to the "big" court. I remember initially being pleased to hear the place was declared a historical landmark until I watched them gut the interior to accommodate a chain restaurant. Doesn't historical landmark mean anything in SoCal? -- Rodger Gredvig, '64

(Ya can't win 'em all, Roger. I used to lament over the crumbling state of the club and wonder when the structure would finally collapse into the water. I thought Chart House did a great restoration -- JF)

Here is a photo of my mom – Madge Richardson – aboard the Star of India around 1939. It was taken by Lauren Post, my dad’s colleague in the Geography Department at San Diego State. Lauren started taking Kodachrome when the film was first introduced in 1935 – Bob Richardson ‘61

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