THIS ROZELLE AERIAL shouldn't be too tough for you.

LEMON GROVE. Did I win??? -- Bobby Biehler 61

Just a guess, but it looks like Broadway and Lemon Grove Ave in the center of the picture, looking north, before Highway 94 was put in –
Gary Morris ‘61

The Rozelle Photo was quite difficult for me. In desperation, I used a photo editor to zoom in, and then I saw the railroad tracks up the middle. That narrowed my search, and I soon found a match at Broadway and Lemon Grove Ave in Lemon Grove. I first thought the railroad tracks were a road, so I kept searching for a street with those curves. The tracks were first a decoy, then a clue. The big complex in the lower right is Lemon Grove Junior High, and there is an elementary school north of it. My 1973 San Diego map says that Lemon Grove Ave was actually Imperial Avenue back then --
Mike Fry '60

It’s Lemon Grove, clear as ever. Broadway cutting across and the old Mayfair market on the left. Where’s the old drive-in that was off to the right, which used to have those crazy “Rama” nights? Was this taken before that was built? Nothing but “C” movies or less, but always fun. Also, no signs of Route 94 and the old “Lemon” statute that use to be at the corner of Broadway and Main Street is not visible -- Earl Feldman ‘61

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