I THINK YOU'LL ENJOY THIS ROZELLE AERIAL. I suspect you'll quickly get oriented, then spend time looking for where you used to live. It looks like another infra-red shot. I'll guess 1955. Some of you out there will figure out a way to zero in on a more exact date.

Hello College Grove, with its Safeway and Thrifty Drug Store. Still not finished but looking good. Gee, Route 94 sure looks new and sweet. Northeast of College Grove, we can see Horace Mann looking somewhat new, Crawford’s buildings taking shape, and the football field looks like some grading was being done. Same at Chollas Park across 54th Street. And the Campus Drive-in is easy to identify, as was my home on 59th Street. In fact, almost everybody’s home must be somewhere in this photo -- Earl Feldman ’61

Rozelle #42, looking west from a little east of La Mesa, with University Ave and El Cajon Blvd prominent, might be from a bit
later than 1955. If you come east on Orange Ave from Colina del Sol Park, it looks as if Crawford is already built. If so, the photo would have to be from a year or two later, or maybe even more. Marketplace at the Grove (I knew it as College Grove Center) seems to be new. The light tone surrounding the buildings obviously isn't grass (which is light in infra red) but might be dry bare dirt. Asphalt comes out fairly dark in IR. Maybe this is before the parking lot was paved --
Bob Richardson '61

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