I'VE GOT NO CLUE ON THIS ROZELLE AERIAL, but the funny little development at the right center of the shot sure has my attention. I'll guess 1960 by the negative number, and assume it's East County or National City-Chula Vista. I sure hope someone can solve this one.

The upper right center appears to be the Bay View Navy Housing complex off Paradise Valley Rd. The large road in the lower right is Reo Drive. We are looking north from a little northwest of where the Bonita Shopping center is now -- Ed Miller í62

Welcome to Paradise Hills. The road coming up the canyon from the bottom of the photo is Reo Drive. (Itís coming from the South Bay Freeway, Route 54). The complex at the upper right is built on Munda Road (running North-South), and just north of it is Paradise Valley Road wiggling through the canyon. The street running North-South on the upper left is Harbison Avenue, and the little curve to the left with white roofs is Earle Drive (what a great street name, almost) --
Earl Feldman Ď61

I think the Rozelle photo is Paradise Hills. The "interesting little development" is labeled "Naval Housing" on Google Maps, and Wikipedia calls it Bayview Hills. Reo Dr. is the larger road coming down from Potomac St. My 1972 Rand McNally/Shell map shows a lot more streets than Howard's photo shows. I wasn't able to find out when Bayview Hills was built --
Mike Fry '60

I believe we're looking north at the Paradise Hills area east of National City. The main drag that hits the bottom of the photo a little right of center is Reo Drive. The curious bunch of buildings farther back is shown on Google as Naval Housing. The streets around there had names like Saipan, Guadalcanal, and Bataan. Also Wasp--don't ask me what that's for. They are gone now, although a small bit of Saipan remains. Now there are names such as Sky Harbor, Sea Foam, and Rocky Shore. Maybe the WWII vets wanted to forget. I think whatever was there in the Rozelle photo has been extensively redone --
Bob Richardson '61

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