NO MYSTERY HERE, and Howard even put a date on the back -- March 1957. I assume that's a newly-completed Nimitz Boulevard in the foreground looking southeast to San Diego where the El Cortez hotel can be seen among the other notable edifices. I'm always fascinated that each Rozelle aerial has a special memory for someone. I wonder what this one will be.

I would like to correct you on this photo titled "Loma Portal". It should be named "Fleetridge" as this is the neighborhood in the forefront with Roseville above it with the original Point Loma Little League field (triangle shape) at the near top, center bounded by Nimitz Blvd. to the left and Harbor Drive on the right. The street that borders the bottom of the photo is Canon Street. It was part of 5 mile race course that Barney Oldfield participated in sometime in 1915. The memory I have with this photo is that the dirt path at the very bottom right of the photo, parallel to Canon St., is actually about the mid-point of a large storm drain pipe that begins near the top of Talbot St. and empties over a mile away into the Shelter Island yacht basin next to the SD Yacht Club -- or at least it did in 1960 when you could ride a Flexie down it! -- Best Regards, Don Szalay, PLHS '68

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