Howard Rozelle shot these photos of Esquire Motors, on the northeast corner of Euclid and El Cajon, around 1956 by the looks of the Chevrolets at the left that say "new" on their windshields. A used car dealer wouldn't lie would he? 

I worked at Dave's Chevron at the southwest corner of Euclid and El Cajon, across the street from the State Theater, from 1971 to 1974. They are both gone now, along with Esquire Motors. As for Dave's Chevron, I learned a lot there. Boy, folks were really chapped off when Chevron Supreme gas topped 50 cents a gallon!!!! -- Stan Faulwetter '72

(I was a bit steamed my ownself. I was teaching in Clairemont and swore I would take the bus if gas hit 50 cents a gallon. I rode the #27 up the hill for about a month -- JF)

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