I took these photos in July 1973 from a plane my brother-in-law, Lloyd Smithson (Hoover '56), was flying. The photo at the top is a nice view of San Diego State looking toward Grantville. The photo immediately above looks north from Campanile Drive and Montezuma. My house is in it, along with those of Crawfordites Brenda Beitner '60, Terry Milne '61, Frank Lewis '59, Sharon Dennstedt '61, Neil Cunningham '61, Carl Carlson '61, Steve Campbell '60, Steve Quimby '59, and Steve Kaplan '62. Well, Steve Kaplan's house is already gone in this picture. It was where the northeast corner of the new construction is. Unfortunately my folks were forced out of their house that summer, right after my dad had retired, a victim of Eminent Domain. The house remained there for quite a few more years, but eventually made way for a parking garage. The church along the bottom edge at Montezuma and Campanile saw at least three Crawford weddings. Polly Schunert '59, Margaret Richardson '59, and Fritz Ziegenfuss and Judy Marcotte '61 were all married there -- Bob Richardson '61

Our old house is still there -- 5566 Lindo Paseo -- stuck between parking garages! We lived right behind Steve Quimby. My widowed mother was forced out of the home that she and my Dad had worked so hard for their whole life, also victims of Eminent Domain. She carried topsoil, one bag at a time, into the back yard and made a beautiful garden, fruit trees, boysenberry bushes, and veggies. It was so sad when they took it. Now the back yard is covered with cement. I think it is parking for a fraternity -- Jeannine Berger Passenheim '60

I lived in the house on the northwest corner of Campanile and Montezuma from 1948 to 1957. A fraternity bought it from my parents and we moved to 62nd St, where my 91-year old mother still lives. I knew most of the kids Bob mentioned. There were many canyons and chaparral covered mesas to play in back then – Mike Fry ‘60

The church in the southeast corner is College Park Presbyterian. Many of my Class of '75 cohorts and I attended there for many years -- Dotty Dyett, Brenda Duffield, Tom Tift, Kim Smith and Geoff Smith (class of '73), Sally and Carlie Scott. I have really nice memories of that area -- Karen Kessler '75

It was College Park Presbyterian for many years. I married the youngest son of the Minister and was married in the church in 1965.  It is now Faith Presbyterian Church, as it merged with  East San Diego Presbyterian Church.  Also, my sister-in-law, Ruth MacInnes Sweet ‘59, was married in that church.  I grew up on Montezuma Road.  The area has really changed!  There were a lot of families in the area in the 1950s and 1960s.  I remember watching the SDSU Homecoming Parade from my front porch with my Mother running around passing out coffee and cookies to our neighbors and my Dad, with his movie camera, taking movies of the passing parade! -- Judy Lyle MacInnes ‘62

We moved to 5704 Lindo Paseo from the Talmadge area around 1953. We had a beautiful fruit garden in our back yard, two avocado trees being the center piece to many organic treasures. My father said he intended to die there. Fortunately he didn't. Sadly, my mother did. What I find interesting in this picture is that the sidewalks had not been poured. This area was still considered somewhat rural. I believe this was taken in 1953 -- Bill “Cappy” Paxton ’66

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