Far from a mystery, this Rozelle aerial -- taken on August 29, 1959 -- will bring back memories for thousands of Colts. Some of you may have ridden the Putt-Putt boats as toddlers, tried the Magic Mouse (was that the name?) in elementary school, and tried your hand at miniature golf later on. I can almost smell the french fries and cotton candy. Can you spot the entrance to the tunnel that went under Mission Blvd to get you to the north-bound bus? Click HERE to see a similar shot IN COLOR.

The area south of Belmont Park was called Enchanted Land. I knew it quite well. It required an extra 50 cents to get in. The ride referred to was the Wild Mouse. Ah,the tales I could tell Tim Tierney ‘69

Is Belmont Park even there any more? I figure it is not but when did it go away? That was a fun place but I was too chicken to ride the roller coaster – Aletha McGregor Dellamo ‘60

In the early 1970s Belmont Park was boarded up and sold off piece-by-piece, with the historic Big Dipper Coaster remaining. For several years it sat neglected. I was part of a group charged with redeveloping the area, but the city told us the roller coaster could not be restored. Luckily other people did not accept that and, today, the roller coaster is back in action and additional rides have been added. Check it out at Belmont Park. By the way, Aletha, I finally rode the roller coaster -- once -- when I was 26. I lived a couple of courts north of Belmont Park and, after a Sunday afternoon of drinking, was coerced by my friends onto the coaster. It was akin to being shaken around inside a Dempster Dumpster. To my way of thinking you didn't miss much. Don't be suprised if opposing views surface -- JF

My Father was in charge of the opening of the new Enchanted Land at Belmont Park. My friends and I were part of an Old West play that was performed on opening night. They included Charlotte Stout Hoover, who went to Hoover and was later President of the San Diego Teachers’ Association, me, Carol Erickson Faulkner and Catherine Long, who went to Rosary High. I shot Charlotte with a cap pistol hidden in my garter. It scared a little boy so bad he cried. We all felt bad and Charlotte got up and gave him a hug! We were all chagrined when we saw the newspaper photo. Charlotte didn't know she had lifted her leg quite so high – Jeannine Berger Passenheim ‘60

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