Here's a 1946 aerial that Howard Rozelle shot when he was still partners with H. A. "Jimmy" Erickson.

Bob Richardson and Nancy Wingo both thought it was East Pacific Beach, and they are right. You are looking northeast across Bayview Terrace Government Housing, one of three such developments built in Pacific Beach during World War II. It's still there, although in its third incarnation. The northeast portion of the housing is notable on three counts:
a) It was the site of the largest Kumeyaay encampment in San Diego County. After months of futile attempts to convert the natives to Christianity, Father Junipero Serra convinced a young brother and sister to travel to the mission in Old Town for free eats. They became his first conquests.
b) Ever hear of Elizabeth Short? I gather she was a young hottie who was staying with friends at 2750 Camino Pradera. The last person to see her alive, in January 1947, was a neighbor. You might remember her better as the victim in the Black Dahlia murder.
c) This little corner of Pacific Beach became the site of the Pacific Drive-In. How many of you remember leaving the drive-in? Maybe having your car get a vapor-lock at midnight, waiting for all the cars to leave the drive-in

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