I think Howard Rozelle was working for Cambell Chevrolet, then located on 14th and Broadway, when he took this photograph. The date was August 14, 1945. Can you guess the location and occasion?

Horton Plaza after the defeat of Japan in WWII. I used to love to go to Horton Plaza when I was a kid even though it upset my parents the fountain was so beautiful and all the interesting people that were there! The only thing I never investigated were the underground restrooms. My grandma always said that only dirty bad people went there and I would be hurt or killed if I went down there -- Barbara Bright Wilder 62

My mother worked at Painless Parkers in the early 1920s!! The photo was taken on Broadway. The Horton Plaza fountain is partially visible on the right. Everyone is celebrating V-J Day -- Victory Over Japan -- Jeannine Berger Passenheim 60

The photo has to have been taken at Horton Plaza. I used to wait for the #7 bus there. There were always big crowds so maybe that is what the people are doing -- Marilyn Moellinger Lane '60

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