SHAME ON ME. I'm wearing a Cheshire-cat grin as I type this. Howard took this mystery aerial on December 12, 1955. He didn't write the location on the back, but I can spot a bunch of places I visited in my college days.

This week's Rozelle photo was taken while flying in Mexican airspace. I hope Howard had a clearance. The picture is of downtown Tijuana, Mexico looking north into the good old USA. Revolution Boulevard is the main street, and yes I too have lots of memories from "TJ." hmmm -- Stan Faulwetter '72

You must have been a great Jai Alai fan in your youth. Or was it was it for one of the great guitars that were then sold in the stores in Tijuana? When I was 15, Erwin Somogyi, now a renowned guitar maker living in Berkeley, went with me and found one that still sounds great -- Earl Feldman 61

(I once attended a Jai Alai game and I also purchased a guitar, but the places I had in mind included the Blue Fox, Long Bar, Chicago Club, and the Hotel Nelson. Unknowingly Herbie, the bartender at the Hotel Nelson, taught me that I didn't have a future as a drinker. It only took two or three weekends of finally being able to consume solid food on the Sunday evening following a Friday night in TJ -- JF)

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