I forget Howard's numbering system. I'm guessing this was the 36th shot of the 8th flight he took in 1946.

Today’s mystery photo sure looks like Pt. Loma, with Sunset Cliffs Blvd running North and South and Ladera Street going “up the hill” from the end of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard -- Don Rogers ’69

Oh so Sunset Cliffs. WWII housing looking nice and ready to be torn down for the new houses to be built in the 50’s and early 60’s. Love the bus tire tracks coming out on Cordova and turning up Casitas to make the loop down Carmelo and back to OB and beyond. It’s so amazing to see all the open areas that San Diego still had in those days (it was only 65 years ago or so) --
Earl Feldman ’61

Rozelle’s photo is of Sunset Cliffs Blvd on the ocean and Sunset Cliffs Park in the lower right –
Earl Asbury ‘64

We're looking north along Sunset Cliffs with Mission Bay in the distance on a surprisingly foggy day. Ladera St. runs left-right in the foreground. Attached is a pretty close approximation of the viewpoint from Google Earth. These views are always amusing because of the way the houses, which are actually seen from straight overhead, are draped over the digital elevation model and seem to flow down slope. It's surprising the cliffs haven't receded appreciably in 65 years --
Bob Richardson '61

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