This photo is actually Broadway looking east from 13th.  This is near my childhood home so I am familiar with this area in the 1950s. The Lower center of photo is 13th and Broadway.  If you could see 12th St, you would see Pearson Ford on the northeast corner. The Pearson building is visible on the bottom edge and their adjacent used-car lot is seen at the corner of 13th St. You can see the Oldsmobile and Rambler dealers. There were two more car dealers at the corner of 16th and Broadway -- the City Chevrolet dealership on the northwest corner and Pontiac on the southwest corner.  In the 1400 Block of E Street (first street on the right, next to Broadway) was a bowling alley on the north side and the famous Coliseum on the south.  Of course, San Diego City College was built later at 1200-1400 B Street which is just out of view on the left in the photo -- Lynn Routt Swanson ’62

If my memory serves me correctly, Balboa Oldsmobile was located at Broadway and 15th in downtown --
Paul Woolery '64

I do not recall the Davies Motors or the Oldsmobile agency, but I am familiar with 17th and Broadway.  The Goodwill is at 17th and Broadway, and I believe there was a Chevrolet agency across Broadway. That is where Bonanza Corvette resided.  Kitty-corner was a tall old rooming house building with a Mexican bar/ restaurant in the bottom floor.  So, if I see the picture correctly, Broadway being in the vertical middle of the photo, then 17th is the top horizontal street, and the two buildings are on the left side of Broadway.  Again, if I see it correctly, we are looking down on 14th Street, which runs East-West, so we are looking East toward 17th. I THINK the Balboa Oldsmobile building bounded by Broadway, F Street, 16th and 17th Streets, became the Jerome’s Furniture store.  Also in that area, on the south (right) side of Broadway there was a small boxing coliseum, long since something else but you could always see the arched roof where it stood.  It has been a couple years since I was in that part of San Diego, but before that I was there virtually every day for many, many years, so much of it looks familiar, including the way the north south streets (horizontals) obviously climb up from Broadway to C Street. Thank you again for posting this photo! 
Sharon Cramer Sceper '68

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