DEL MAR TRAIN STATION, 1910 -- The station's still there and the trains are still running, but they don't stop in Del Mar anymore. Some folks blame in on the "People's Republic of Del Mar" plannning commission who allegedly voted to have the trains bypass Del Mar and stop in Solana Beach -- a lovely station in its own right, but not yet historical. (Photo courtesy of the San Diego Historical Society)

The shot of the Del Mar train station really brought back some memories for me. When I was in Second Grade (I think - like 1950) at Ol' Andy Jackson Elementary School we took a field trip on the train that went from San Diego to Los Angeles and got off at the Del Mar station. We ate our lunch on the beach and caught the return train back to San Diego. I remember we were all bummed out because our train was pulled by one of those old puffy steam engines instead of the brand new Santa Fe Super Chief diesels -- Jerry Ellis '61

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