I'M HOPING THAT, despite the small area pictured, the fact that homes are being constructed near what appears to be a major intersection will help someone locate this 1946 Erickson & Rozelle aerial.

It is looking east from the corner of 47th & Federal. Those streets in the subdivision are Beech, Lyon, & Duval. On the right is the shadow of the canyon where 94 will later be Betty Mayfield Picard 75

You must understand, as a retired geographer I take these things very hard. I finally was checking data by census tract from the 1990 Census of Housing, which in the sample data portion gives housing units built for various time periods. Tract 34.02 had one of the larger numbers for 1940-49 so I pored over it and finally found where we are in the photo. The view is roughly to the northeast. The major intersection in the lower left is where 47th St. and Federal Blvd. meet. I was faked out by the orientation--the shadows aren't very long so I was thinking they pointed north, but they're aimed almost due east. Must have been taken near the summer solstice for the sun to be that high still in the afternoon. I noticed that these new houses have the garage at the back of the lot, with the driveway running down the side to them. That was pretty much gone by the 1950's I think. I just checked and see that Rozelle #16 shows the same area, but looking to the west and ten years later with Highway 94 under construction. Lots of change in ten years -- Bob Richardson

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