REMEMBER OUR PAL LEE PASSMORE?  On April 25, 1932 he captured this photo of the USS Saratoga (CV-3) leaving San Diego Harbor. It's a common event now, but this was only the second (and final) time before WWII that a ship the size of the Saratoga entered San Diego Harbor and that was possible only because of the "turning basin" formed after dredging out the harbor to gather enough fill dirt to build Lindbergh Field. Later in the decade, with war clouds looming, Pier Fox was built on North Island, about where the Sara is in this photo. That allowed the Saratoga and her sister carrier the Lexington to tie up at North Island, instead of anchoring in Coronado Roads and making the crew go ashore in Liberty Boats (San Diego Historical Society photo)

NANCY WATSON WINGO took the photos below on November 2, 2010,
an unseasonably warm and clear day.

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