Douglas TBD-1 "Devastators" from Torpedo Squadron Two circa 1938

I'm almost certain this photo looks north to Rose Canyon with La Jolla Shores in the background. I could tell for sure if I could see the old Rose Canyon brickyard and smokestack, but 2-T-9 is covering that area. In the foreground you can see the railroad track heading north and Highway 101 (now East MIssion Bay Drive) veering off to Pacific Beach. Today's intersection of Balboa and Mission Bay Drive is just under 2-T-9's wingtip.

It's amazing what you can learn on the internet. Here's what it says about the airplanes in this photo: "2-T-9" was lost on 12 January 1940 with VT-3 in a mid-air collision with TBD-1 BuNo 0373. The crew (Ens. Walter G. Barnes, Jr. P. E. Dickson, AMM2 C. W. Post, RM2) bailed out safely. "2-T-7" (section leader) was later lost with VT-5 when it crash-landed in the Jaluit Atoll lagoon, Marshall Islands, on 1 February 1942. The crew (Lt. Harlan T. Johnson (XO VT-5), Charles E. Fosha, ACMM, NAP, James W. Dalzell, RM1c) became prisoners of war. This aircraft was rediscovered, circa 1997 (location: N 5 58' 39" E 169 27' 6"). "2-T-8". It was later lost with VT-8 during the Battle of Midway on 4 June 1942. The crew (Ens. William W. Creamer, Francis S. Polston, SEA2c) was killed.

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