Lemon Grove 1911

What could be simpler? I think if you took this photo today you'd be standing where the Lemon is in the middle of Lemon Grove Avenue. The skyline to the north looks the same. I think the train station is the same also. (San Diego History Center photograph)

Thanks for the vintage photo of Lemon Grove.  That is the Sonka Brothers Store in the foreground, and the original train station.  As you know, in the wisdom of the City Fathers, they tore it down then later rebuilt it at a horrendous cost. Costa Bella below the horizon never changed too much, but of course the crest of East Ridge now bristles with luxury homes. I have a picture I took from the top of East Ridge about 1996, on a crystal clear Santa Ana day, looking toward San Miguel, Otay Mountain and south toward the Mexican border. Natural chemise and sage brush on the top of the ridge.  I treasure the picture, knowing it will never come again -- Sharon Cramer Sceper '68 

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