La Mesa 1912

Lookout Blvd curves through the center of the photo, with Mount Nebo in the background. Rose Hedge Manor is at the right center of the photo. (San Diego History Center photograph)

I owned a 1906 home at the corner of Fresno and Palm Avenue (prior to the 34 years in Lemon Grove on Massachusetts) and thrived on La Mesa history. [Please read all the way through, because I think the picture may be incorrectly labeled.] You are slightly uphill from the Rose Hedge Manor, (the whole area was originally "Porter Hill") looking southwest to Mt. Nebo. Of course that is Lookout Avenue (La Mesa Blvd.) and slightly above it is Lemon Avenue. The house you can see there on Lemon is still there and is a Spanish Renaissance style, surrounded by lovely gardens. Way at the south end of Mt. Nebo you can see another home, I think it was called Hillcrest, and was owned by the Worthington family, and actually the wife's (Mary Dell Worthington) family owned before she married Barry Worthington, PhD. After they divorced the land was sold but somehow the house is still there, where Date loops around, with the military housing at the very south end of Mt. Nebo. I remember the La Mesa Historical Society was fighting to keep the Hillcrest house intact. I believe the road at the T interesection is University and that may be Palm or Pine teeing and going south. The Kinney House is at Pine and University and is the LMHS headquarters. Okay, so Rose Hedge Manor has been gone since maybe the late 1950's; I know we used to see it when traveling from San Carlos to La Mesa. The only remainder is what I would consider the Carriage House or caretaker's cottage, which is on Randlett, in the back yard so to speak of the Rose Hedge Manor. The more I looked at the old picture and Google Earth, plus my own recollection of driving around all those streets, I am beginning to think that house is NOT the Rose Hedge Manor but instead The Porter House, on Porter Hill Road, just a couple blocks away. The way the roads curve, the nearby streets and known houses, now make me think that is what we see in the old picture. The Porter House is still there, you can see it on Google Earth and you can drive right by it on Porter Hill Road or on Memorial Drive. -- Sharon Cramer Sceper '68

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