East San Diego • May 1975 • photos by John Suitts

Dave's College Florist • Looking east at College and El Cajon
Notice the Campus Drive-In in the background)

I grew up on 60th street, one block west of College. I used to get my mom flowers for Mother's Day at the College Florist. Went to College Hardware with my dad when he bought stuff for the house or some other project. I remember going to the Campus Drive-In quite a bit when I was a kid. Saw the original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston. What caught my eye in the photo was all the wires on the telephone poles. Don't see that very much anymore -- George Glover '73

From the 1958 City Directory

In 1955, when I began junior high at Horace Mann, I also began getting my hair cut at a barber shop.  Previously my dad was my barber.  I remember the head barber, and shop owner, was Al—his chair was the one nearest the entry.  He always cut my dad’s flat-top, and I always wanted him to do mine, but was too meek to insist and often wound up in one of the other chairs, with an inferior flat-top.  There must have been six chairs in all -- each with a barber -- and most afternoons there was a wait.  Back then men got their hair cut every three weeks or sooner.  Al knew my dad taught geography at San Diego State and knew about his many travels.  Because of several coincidences between my dad’s travels and catastrophic events, Al would tease my dad about what crisis he was going to trigger next.  The first of these was my dad’s sabbatical in fall, 1958.  He was going to spend most of it in Cuba but travel there had just been banned by the US government because of the Castro regime.  The next was when we all were going to South America, summer of 1960, including a week in Chile with old friends in Santiago, the Smiths.  The huge (9.4-9.6) Chilean earthquake hit two months before we were there.  The third was the huge (9.2) Alaska earthquake of 1964.  In this case the event followed my dad’s visit with mom the previous summer, but the timing was close enough for Al to see a causal connection -- Bob Richardson ’61

Blumer's Bakery • 52nd and El Cajon

What a wonderful place that was. Right next to the A&P market just west of 54th on El Cajon Blvd. The New York style cheesecake was awesome. The fresh bread was outstanding. I remember they had one of those old bread slicers. They'd put a loaf of bread in it and let'er rip. Every once in a while my parents would bring home fresh knishes that were outstanding. The place always smelled wonderful when you walked in -- George Glover '73

Thank you for the picture and comments about my Mom and Dad's Bakery & Delicatessen. My brothers and I all worked there in our youth and my brother Stuart ’66 is fondly remembered as the hot rod bakery truck delivery driver of his day -- Ken Blumer ‘60

McDonald's • 53rd and El Cajon

Across the street from Blumer's, if I recall correctly

Der Wienerschnitzel • Chamoune and El Cajon
Notice the "old" Hoover High in the background)

My father and I would go there every once in a while. There was a lawn mower repair shop right next door to the east. We'd drop off the lawn mower for maintenance and go next door to DW when we'd drop off and pick up the mower. We'd get some "mess dogs" and the polish sausage sandwich. My dad really liked that sandwich. I take my daughter there now and I told here the story about me and my dad. She loves to go there. It's a trip just for her and I -- George Glover '73

Julio's Mexican Restaurant • 45th and University

I can't say enough about this place. It was my favorite Mexican food place on the planet bar none. I ate food prepared by Julio since I was a little kid. Do you remember Pat Brillo's at Fairmount and University? Julio was the cook there, then he decided to open his own place. It was outstanding. I knew them so well that every time I went in, they would give me an order of guacamole with my tortilla chips as soon as I sat down. What a great place!!! My mother loved it so much. In her honor, we ate there immediately after her funeral and everyone raised a glass and toasted her. I was so sorry to see it close. I have never found any other place to equal it -- George Glover ’73

Julio’s was my favorite Mexican restaurant too! They opened a place called Casa Adams on Adams Avenue and they use all the same recipes -- Eileen Schwartz Kolkey ’65

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