September 15, 2020

I snagged this photo off the San Diego Lifestyle Facebook page.  It was taken by page administrator G L Brannock.  I guess this actually isn't Highway 101 anymore.

Circa 1960

This photo kept appearing on Facebook with no accreditation, so I snagged it.  I suspect it was a newspaper photo showing the traffic heading to the San Diego County Fair in the years before the I-5 was completed.

Circa 1948

The sign on the right directs you to head east to the Sorrento Stock Farm.  I assume you could size up some heifers at that location.

Circa 1920

Circa 1941

Wonderful historic photos get posted on Facebook and I strive diligently to give credit, often to no avail. I can't remember who posted the above photo, taken at the bottom of Torrey Pines grade, but someone who goes by the name "Imbued With Hues" colorized it.  Quite striking, don't you think?