Downtown Wrecking Yards

The photos above and below are from the San Diego Police Museum, and were posted on Facebook by Tom Giaquinto in response to the two Howard Rozelle at the bottom of the page that I had previously posted.  I still haven't figured out exactly where H & H Auto Wreckers was located, but in the photo below you can see the Harbor Drive Navy buildings in the background, and the SDG&E generator plant at the right, so you get a general idea where that photo was taken.

H & H was on 8th, a half block south of Market. My family owned Solís Auto Supply on the corner of 9th and Market -- Al Williksen í66

H & H Auto wrecking was located in downtown San Diego on 8th ave between Market & Island -- Bob Caffey í67

I looked it up in my 1946 telephone directory.
Your friend from PB Starbucks days
Warren Lovell

My late pal Howard Rozelle took these aerials, but I'm not sure where or when.  Some of the cars on the street appear to be from the early 1950s.  One person on Facebook hazarded a guess that this was around 12th and Market.

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