1935 Recreational Map of San Diego City & County

Drawn by Lowell Jones, printed by Frye & Smith

(Courtesy of Dick Cloward)

The map below came to my attention on Facebook the first week of January 2024.  It was dated 1940.  I assumed the map above was correctly dated at 1935, but now I have my doubts.  "Spanish Bight", the lagoon that separated North Island from Coronado, was filled in in 1944.  The map above shows it filled in.  In the map below, it's in its original condition.  Both maps mention Camp Callan, where UCSD is today, which was apparently opened for business in 1941.  The "newer" map below shows a couple of the old Benson log rafts moored near the "Destroyer Base" at 32nd Street.  Benson brought log rafts down from Oregon from 1906 to 1941.  The 1935 map shows Brown Military Academy smack in the middle of Pacific Beach, which is correct.  For some reason, the 1940 map has the cadets at parade rest out near Highway 101.  Maybe they were hitch-hiking.  I believe these are known as "Whimsical Maps" in the map world.  Enjoy!!

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