La Cresta Motor Court 4980 El Cajon Boulevard

My great uncle Mark Sargent (he preferred to spell it that way over a family dispute) and wife Dorothy owned, or at least lived at and managed, the La Cresta Motor Court in the 40s and 50s on El Cajon Boulevard.  We visited them there many times -- Mike Sergent

In this 1944 San Diego Union ad, it was La Cresta Courts,
the rooms were cabins, and some folks were renting

Closest in, most modern Court on U.S. Highway 80, in East San Diego.  New tourist apartments, singles, doubles, all with tile showers.  De Luxe accommodations.  Moderate rates.  J.C. APPLEGATE, Owner and Manager  Telephone: Randolph 9522

By 1976 folks were not renting by the week,
or staying with their families over the weekend

A Google street view from February 2021.  The palm tree has grown.

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