Egyptian Garage

4749 University Avenuecirca 1928

(Posted on Facebook by Peter Brueggeman August 19, 2023)

Originally built as a street car electrical substation, it was remodeled into the Egyptian Garage in 1925 by David H. Ryan, a paving contractor and painter.  Paul and Francis A. Harvey operated the Egyptian Garage there from 1926 until 1932. The southern portion of the building, on the right, was added in 1927.  (Los Angeles Public Library Legacy Collection) 

The Egyptian Garage!  In the 1950s the garage part had become a decorative tile store. My best friend and I walked from Auburn Dr. to Euclid Elementary and passed by every day.  We used to enter the far door (one of the bays) and walk the aisle and out the other bay door on the way to school. Between the pharaohs on the pillars, and all the beautiful tiles we passed, it was like an urban fantasy tour. We may have absconded with a few treasures over the years. I now think the owner was completely aware of these two 7-year old “explorers”, but that was a more tolerant time and we got away with it.  Three weeks ago I took my daughter on a “Dad history tour” of East San Diego and this building was one of the stops.  Interestingly, as of 2023, that back part is back to being a car repair place!  Thanks for this memory!  Frank Hallock '67

The Big City Liquor Store operates out of the old garage.  The intersection of University and Euclid is just to the right.  The Tower Bar is just to the left. 

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