Mission Beach, circa 1968

(Photos from Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page, courtesy of Pea Hicks)

Looking east at Ventura Place and the Boardwalk. I lived, from 1967 to 1970. at 3254 Strandway, in a 2-bedroom apartment in the complex that looks like two sugar cubes at the lower center of the photo. The rent was $125 a month. The apartments were converted to condos some years ago and, in 2002, one sold for $330,000.

Looking north across Bonita Basin and Mariner's Point, with Belmont Park at the left. The photos below appear to be enlargements made from this shot.

Looking north across Belmont Park

The north end of Mission Boulevard, South Mission Beach. A practiced eye can spot The Beachcomber, on the northeastern corner of Mission Blvd and San Gabriel Court, at the lower center of the photo.

The north end of Bayside Court, South Mission Beach

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