Here is a photo from 1956 of my Pony League baseball team representing Haizlip's Pharmacy. I guess I am about 15 years old, so probably Horace Mann Junior High and on to Crawford. Since I left the San Diego area on graduation and located in the Los Angeles area, I have lost contact with most of my school friends. I only remember the name of the guy at the right end of the front row as Norman Marr; my memory bank does not include the rest. I'm in the front row second from the left --Terry Krauss ’60

The only one I think I recognize is the one right behind Terry. It looks like Allan Bailey. Thanks for the weekly emails. I love them -- Dee Anne Boyer Culmone ‘60

The tall guy in the center back row is Greg Post --
Doug Houser '60

The big guy in the Pony League team picture is Terry or Ed Lantz (I think). On your right at the end of the front row is Norman Marr. I played on the Guaranty Chevrolet team (first Place) with Jerry Bell and Jim McCorquodale in 1956 --
Jim Knapp ‘60

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