(Kneeling) Tom Shannon (’70 Granite Hills), Ralph Cirillo ’69, Jose Medina ’68, Warren McClellan ’68, Mike Morrow (’74 San Diego) (Standing) Lenny Como ’70, Ted Medina ’70, Phil Weiss ’70, Paul Edge ’70, Joe Morse ’70, Stan Medina ’74.

After graduation from Crawford a lot of us stayed together through 3-pitch softball. We named our team “The Colts” and our uniforms were Red, White, and Blue. The team was together from 1973 to 1980. Our team was very competitive, winning city championships in ‘73, ’75, ’76, ’77, and ’79. Below are photos of the 1975 and 1976 team taken prior to the Championship game.

This picture was taken at North Park Recreation Center prior to Championship game. Our opponent was the Minute Man Car Wash, ironically made up of former Colts from the early seventies. The core players of their team were Randy and Rusty Johnson ’72, Johnny Aguilar ’74, Gary Romano ’74, G B McClellan ’74, Kevin Jiampa ’75, Aaron Escalera ’74, and Dale Olson ’74. I designed the uniform inspired by the Pep Rally ribbons made for the Crawford football games. I was able to find an emblem of a horse that I put on our hats. The lettering on our shirts reflected the text on those same ribbons -- Lenny Como.

(Kneeling) Ralph Cirillo ’69, Tom Shannon (’70 Granite Hills), Jose Medina ’68, Warren McClellan ’68, Mike Morrow (’74 San Diego) (Standing) Ted Medina ’70, Milton ____? (’74 Lincoln), Joe Morse ’70, Paul Edge ’70, Lenny Como ’70, Phil Weiss ’70

Above is the 1976 team. I believe the picture was taken at Alice Birney Elementary School (near El Cajon Blvd. and Park Ave.) right before the Championship game. Notice that we were a lot more uniformed and groomed than in our ’75 photo. This was our best team. We went 14 and 1. We beat the “Carriage House”. Players mostly from the old Western League (Kearny, Clairemont, University, Mission Bay). I believe the “Carriage House” team was on a 25-game winning streak before we beat them three straight games to win the Championship.

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