Here I am in 1968 at Gillespie Field with a Howard DGA. The Howard company was started by a United Airlines pilot named Moe Howard, -- honestly! The DGA stood for “Damned Good Airplane”.

I retired from the airlines after 30 years and moved back to San Diego. I flew for World Airways for 8 years. then went to the old PSA, which was bought out by US Airways. I retired from them on a medical in 2001. I actually learned how to fly when I was 16, at El Cajon Flying service at Gillespie Field. I went to SDSU and joined the Air Force through ROTC in 1971. I flew about 200 combat missions in transport airplanes and flew in three wars -- Vietnam, the October 1973 War in Israel and then the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Unfortunately for me, I was heavily exposed to Agent Orange in Southeast Asia and I developed Diabetes. During the late 1970s, I flew into Eniwetok Atoll with the Air Force to work on the cleanup of the Nuclear Test Site for the Marshallese. Again, I was contaminated, this time by radiation and I developed Thyroid Cancer. At least I might get to be on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C. if the Diabetes gets me. I would really like to join all of my friends that I left behind in the War. It’s small consolation but still important to an old War Horse like me --
Sam Zollezi '67.

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