Will C. Crawford High School

Will C. Crawford High School graduated its first class in 1959. Noted alumni include baseball players Bob Boone and Dave Duncan, songwriter Stephen Bishop, actress Kathy Najimy, and San Diego Zoo spokesperson Joan Embery.

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Will C. Crawford High School Foundation

Class of 1959 45th Reunion -- September 17th

Class of 1960 5th Annual Picnic -- September 11th

Class of 1961 43rd Reunion -- October 9th

Class of 1964 40th Reunion -- August 21st

Class of 1969 35th Reunion -- July 24th

Class of 1974 30th Reunion -- July 31st

Dr. Will C. Crawford

Superintendent of San Diego City Schools from July 1, 1934 until February 1, 1954, a period of "phenomenal" growth.

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