Colts in the News

Crawford High School

Crawford to reopen in September 2004 as an "academy"

March 2001 Article on Crawford in San Diego Magazine 


Colina Park Gets A Makeover


Dick Jackson "Still on the team"

Dick Draz Volunteers His Time 


Linda Brown's Book Party


Lela Kerth and hubby Harry featured in Costco Connection

Bob Kulken Third-Generation Owner of Central Meats

Betsy Cairns Chamberlain Front Page News in Chicago

Michael and Linda Bennett's Anguish


Sandy Shapery Proposes A MAGLEV Train

Elaine Robinson Davis Invites You To Her Art Studio

Steve Kramer in the Washington Post?

(Actually it's the Western Puget Sound Sun -- I couldn't get the Washington Post link to work)

Charlotte Richardson Adams Retires From Teaching


Christine Loss Finishes Shooting Latest Hollywood Film

I just finished “First Daughter”. The details of the film are: Directed by Forest Whittaker. The President's daughter goes off to college (surrounded by hordes of secret service men) - many escapades later, she falls in love with the wrong man - what a surprise! Anyway it’s lots of fun. On the website (click on the link above) is a sampling of my photos. I've enrolled in a Computer Graphic Arts program until I start my next film in January. Joel Schumacher will direct Patricia Cornwell's novel “Cruel And Unusual”. They're hoping to cast Nicole Kidman as Kay Scarpetta.
We shot 14-hour days for twelve weeks. My job as Still Photographer is to be on the crew everyday, shooting everything the motion picture camera shoots. My photos are used for everything regarding publicity and advertising: poster art, newspaper advertising, magazines, video box, DVD, website, etc. I use Canon 1V cameras (enclosed in blimped housings to muffle the sound so I can shoot during dialog scenes). I shot the entire film with color negative Kodak 800 ASA (for interior low light scenes as about a 2.0). All the prints were done digitally -- the technology is much better than using chemical printing -- no grain at all. This was my 44th motion picture -- plus many years of shooting for CBS and all the other TV stations. I hope to keep working as long as they hire me.

Tom Whelan Wins 12th OTL Title

Larry Urdahl and Steve Haiman on Winning Team

Carol Feurzeig Swimmer's Hubby Chuck's Auto Museum

Carol Erickson Peterson's Garden Railroad

J. Sherwood (Jack) Montgomery to Restore North Park Theater 


Tom Shess is Editor of Home Design Quarterly

Thomas Shess '63 is editor of a new quarterly design and architecture magazine for San Diego Magazine. It's called HDQ -- for Home Design Quarterly. It appears with San Diego Magazine January, April, July and October. Shess, a 1970 SDSU grad in English/Liberal Arts is married to Deputy District Attorney Phyllis Shess. The Shesses live in North Park and have two sons Zac and Michael and two grandsons Cole and Jackson

Sue Vreeland's "The Forest Lover" Reviewed in San Diego Union-Tribune February 8, 2004

Al & Renee Feil's Alpine Garden

George Fogelman on the Jay Leno Show


Tom Blackwell Moves His Saddlery to Buellton

A Crawford graduate with a saddlery sounds like a banjo player with a Porsche, but my Stetson is off to Tom -- or "Mas" as he is now known to his amigos. If you've pulled off the freeway for pea soup, you might want to say "Howdy!". For Mary Pomplun Russell '62, who just lives up the road a piece, I'm expecting a report.


William "Joe" Dyke Stars at Summer Pops

Bill Gore Joins San Diego Sheriff's Deparment

Bob Boone talks about son Bret


Lynn DeWoskin Covarrubias Retires from the Sweetwater School District

Diane Strum Named a "Health Hero"

Richard Morse Is Rescued By Dustin Hoffmann

Von Jacobsen's Son Casey Leads Stanford in NCAA "Sweet Sixteen"


Linda Embery Williams on Winning Team

Gail Schindler Fogelman on the Jay Leno Show 


Thom Madro's New Painting

I don't know if it's for sale. You'll have to contact him. (Hint: Try the 1969 Email page)


Salvatore Cordileone appointed San Diego Assistant Bishop

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