1967 Obituaries

Steve Bartman *

Steve was a friend and neighbor. A helicopter door-gunner, he was killed in his second tour of Vietnam.

Dan Burton '66

Gary Bershaw

Gary was killed in a tragic work accident February 14, 1998. He was married 25 years to high school sweetheart, Terri Fulton. He is survived by Terri and son Matt.

Larry Cain

Kenton Carroway *

Terry Crabtree *

Vicky Curto Hester

Vicky passed away August 12, 2003 of a heart attack. The youngest of a family of four Crawford Alumni, Vicky leaves behind a husband, two sons, and five grandchildren. She was loved by many and will be missed by all who knew her.

Rosie Curto Cech ‘59

Leo Edge, Jr.

Donald Ford

Phillip J. Giamanco

David Good

David Greiner

David passed away September 17, 1968

Joan Grigg Wood

Joan died peacefully February 22, 2005. She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Oriana and Matt Chase, grandchild, Maura Oriana Dorothy Chase; her brother and sister, Bill Grigg and Barbara Grigg Flanigan ‘64, and many loving relatives. She lived a full life, receiving her civil engineering degree from SDSU and a MBA at age 50, crafted a successful career at CalTrans and MTA, traveled the world and was a devout member of her church.

Ron Hasse *

Karen Hirst Horton
October 1, 1949 - December. 22, 2004

Karen passed away at her home in Sweet Home, Oregon after a four year battle with ovarian cancer. Karen received her Associate of Arts Degree from Mesa College in 1971 and later earned her certification as an Early Childhood Educator in California and Oregon. After spending several years working in the San Diego Parks and Recreation Department, on August 28, 1971, Karen married Larry Horton of Pacific Beach, California. They moved to Running Springs, California where they lived for ten years. Larry was a teacher for the Rim of the World School District and Karen worked for the San Bernardino YMCA. Karen served as the art coordinator for the "Y", and later became an educational assistant for the school district. On January 8, 1980, Karen gave birth to her son Joshua Paul and two years later, on May 24, 1982 to her daughter, Jessica Lynn. The Hortons spent three years in Hayfork, California before moving to Three Rivers California where Larry served as the superintendent of schools. During their stay in Three Rivers, Karen worked as a preschool teacher for the Sierra Preschool for two years and its director for ten years. In 1996, the Hortons moved to Oakridge, Oregon. Karen was hired as a teacher for the Oakridge Head Start Program and Larry served as the Superintendent of schools. In 2002 the Hortons made another move. Larry became the superintendent of schools in Sweet Home, Oregon and Karen was hired by the Kidco HeadStart Program of Linn County. She worked for one year as a teacher/family advocate at Sunny Side HeadStart and later added the responsibilities of a site supervisor at the Brownsville Head Start. A devoted wife, loving mother and passionate teacher, Karen always left her mark.
Karen was preceded in death by her father Lynn. She is survived by her husband, Larry; two children, Joshua and Jessica; her mother, Betty and two sisters, Kathy and Vicki. Karen asked that in place of flowers, please send memorial donations to your local Head Start program. In place of a memorial service, Karen asked that her family and friends take a few quiet moments to reflect on the good times that were shared in life. The family asks that you put a smile on your face and good thoughts in your hearts and minds as we all celebrate the spirit of this very special lady.

Mary Margaret Jessen

Mary died on August 13, 1993 from bleeding ulcers due to complications of Refsum's Disease. She had to take a lot of aspirin due to the pain of Refsum's and that caused the bleeding ulcers. She lived and died in San Diego. I do not know where she is buried though. I knew her at Gallaudet University She was a great person to get to know when she was leveled out from her bipolar disorder (Refsum's). She majored in Psychology at Gallaudet. Sadly she never did graduate.

James Dean Johnson

My brother passed away November 3, 2003 at the age of 55. He suffered a massive heart attack. He is survived by myself and his mother Hilda...thought you might want to include this is the Crawford web page. He served in the Air Force and was a Viet Nam era veteran..He will be interred at the National Cemetery in Riverside, California.

Susan Lynch

Chuck Marshall

April 26, 1949-April 8, 1999

A track star at Crawford, Chuck died of an apparent heart attack while jogging around the campus at San Diego State University. He was discovered by pssers-by on the top floor of a parking structure where he apparently jogged up the stairs as part of his workout. Chuck was a San Diego Fire Department Battalion Chief. He is survived by his wife Marilu, brothers John and Daniel, children Michele, Prisha, Denise, Robert and Janice, as well as six grandchildren.

John McBride

Michael Moyse

Michael Murphy

Joel Partovich

Joel passed away in March from a heart attack while recovering from a stroke. He'd been living with his dad and brother Robbie in Oceanside since the stroke. The family was still grieving over the loss of both Joel's mom and younger sister Tina, who I believe had died only a few weeks apart. 1967 grads Joel, Joe Osuna and I were in a band together through our high school years, first called the Monarchs, and then (at the dawn of psychedelia) the Glass Menagerie. Playing in the band was easily one of the high points of our lives and, to some degree, Joel was the catalyst for ttat. He loved to play music, and kept at it, off and on, for the rest of his life, at least until he was partially incapacitated by the stroke. Though I only saw him a couple of times in the last months before he died, in those brief visits he was bearing his personal tragedies with characteristic humor. We're going to miss him. Joel's funeral was on Easter Sunday at the Home of Peace cemetery on Imperial.

Joe Nachison

Cynthia Rafaill Schaferkotter

My mother died in June of 1991. She married David Schaferkotter in 1973. They stayed in San Diego and had three children (myself, my sister Rebecca and my brother Jonothan). She ran a daycare in our home and served as a leader in our schools, church and girl scout troops. She was a devoted caregiver and a very dear woman. She died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism.

Brian Rice

Darryl Sarfan

Gary Schultz

Roger Seidman

Nikki St. Germain

Nikki, who was diagnosed in July with pancreatic cancer, died on Mother's Day 2005 at her home in Point Loma. She was 55. She began her career as a flight attendant and, displaying an intelligence as sharp as her wit, steadily rose up the corporate ladder. Nikki St. Germain was director of reservations at Pacific Southwest Airlines in 1987 when tragedy struck her family for the second time in a decade. On Sept. 25, 1978, her brother, Donald, a flight attendant, was among 144 killed when a PSA jet collided with a private plane over North Park and crashed. On Dec. 7, 1987, her 41-year-old husband, Douglas Milan Arthur, was killed when the PSA airliner he was taking from Los Angeles to San Francisco crashed in San Luis Obispo County. Authorities attributed the crash to a disgruntled employee, David Burke, who they said forced his way into the cockpit and sent the plane into a 22,000-foot dive into a Paso Robles hillside. With two young children to raise as a single parent, Ms. St. Germain left PSA to begin a new chapter in her life.
She would marry again. She took up the cause of charitable organizations for children, including the La Playa Unit of the Children's Hospital Auxiliary and Voices for Children.
In 1993, Ms. St. Germain married Dave Jackson. In addition to her second husband, survivors include her daughter, Lauren Arthur of Point Loma; son, Doug Arthur Jr. of Point Loma; stepson, Tim Jackson of Los Angeles; parents, Don and Rosemary St. Germain of Del Cerro; and brother, Ronald St. Germain of Del Cerro.

Dennis Stoll

Larry Alan Van Winkle

I am sorry to inform you that my father passed away on Sunday, September 26, 2004, due to complications following surgery. He had talked about his senior year and how his class was the one who was banned from Sea World.

Cynthia Strong

Mike Walker

December 23, 1948 - September 1, 1989

On August 31, 1989, enroute to Holtville, California for the opening of dove-hunting season, Mike was fatally injured when the truck in which he was a passenger rolled. He passed away the following day. Dead at the scene was Mike's brother John Leonard Walker and John's brother-in-law Kenneth Rausis. Surviving the crash was Kenneth's brother Kevin, who was driving the truck and took his eyes off the road to adjust the cassette deck. He looked up in time to see a slow-moving vehicle and swerved, causing the truck to roll over.

Dennis Wolfkiel

Anna Zimmerman Toth

* No photo in annual

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