Class of 1962's 40th Reunion

Friday Night Cocktail Bash

August 9, 2002


Photos by Penny Bobrof


John Fry and Paula Tislow Page * Mrs. Dick Clerm and Terry Walker * Christene Loss and Marcia McDonald


Barbara and Tom Cassie * Lynn Elliott Townsend and Nancy Burrell Williams * Denny Aiken, Barbara Holewinski Leonard, and Dave Bruen


Sallie Shea Arnold and Nancy Burrell Williams * Tom Whelan, John Allison, Lynn Elliott Townsend, and Charlie Tate * Gary and Maria Sims


Harriett Silverman * Helga Ritter Skinner and "Skip" Richter * Dianne Clasen Huckaby, Larry Dubbs, Meredith Andrews Puh


Donna Smith Towne and John Floodberg * Gail Raborn , Helen Johntson and brother Bob Johnston '63 * Terri Geissman Nichols and Cary Nichols.


Christine Loss and Terri Geissman Nichols * Doug and Kathy Roletto Campbell


Penny Bobrof, Sallie Shea Arnold, Tom Whelan, John Allison, Chrlie Tate, and Nancy Burrell Williams


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