The Reunion Dinner

Catamaran Hotel

August 10, 2002

(Photos courtesy of Penny Bobrof)


Jim Rupe and Dietra Anderson * Larry Guske, Mike Roberts, and Meredith Andrews * Marcia Person Darling and Richard

Rev. Lang, ??, ?? * Mary Jo Schmith Grubbs, Cheryl Hembera Lang, and Rev. Erhardt Lang * Jim Pieri and Mike Roberts hand out the door prizes

Gayle Wishnek Wise and Carol Feurzeig Swimmer * Bernie Berlin Temple and * Ed Millican and ???

Diane Clasen Huckaby and the hubby * Jerry Reisinger and Penny Bobroff * Rose Urdahl and daughter and friend


Rozann Zamora and Ron Newport * Bruce Parker and Mary Pomplun * John Floodberg

Ron Jagodinski and Heather Meyer Chambers at the Sunday Brunch


CLASS OF 1962 poses for a group photo at its 40th Reunion at the Catamaran Hotel, August 10, 2002. Seated in front: Jim Pieri, Tom Cassie, Mike Roberts, Ron Newport, Penny Bobrof; 2nd Row: Denny Aiken. Lynn Elliott Townsend, Donna Towne Smith, Susie Acord, Dietra Anderson, Meredith Andrews, Rozann Zamora, Larry Dubbs (behind Penny), Nancy Burrell, Larry Schriebman; 3rd Row (sort of): Jim Rupe and Kathy Roletto (at left), Barbara Squires and Cheryl Hembera (at right); 4th Row: Bernadine Berlin, Marcia McDonald, Mary Jo Schmith, Barbara Holewinski , Terri Geissman, Kathie Cochran, Helga Ritter, Carol Feurzeig, Sharon Stevens, unknown; Standing: Paulette Mize, Barbara Schlieff, Christine Loss, Jerry Reisinger, Sallie Shea, Beverly Swaim, Ed Millican, John Fry, Larry Urdahl, Diane Clasen, Terry Baugher, Janet Jasper, Donna Johnson, Dennis Bartlett, Gary Sims .


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