Crawford High School

Class of 1963

40th Reunion Icebreaker

DWs Pub • San Diego Marriott

September 19, 2003


"Can I have my picture taken with Jerry Smithson?"

(Some photos from the camera of John McMullen)

The Committee and friends: (Seated) Jerry Smithson, Brenda Smith Clark, Kathy O'Connor Willis; (Standing) John McMullen, Sarina Klein Nordmarken, Barbara Lamb, George Fogelman, Nona Beckham Eichelberger, Sharon Jarvis Daigle.

"Ollie" Nordmarken (who honored the absent John O'Bryant by wearing his name tag), Sarina Klein Nordmarken, Joel Haffner • Rick Schofield, Joe Simmons, Mary Anne Schofield

Bevin Montgomery, Ilja Weinrieb, George Fogelman, Larry Cates. Ilja spent his Senior Year at Crawford and a year at State before returning with his family to Buffalo, New York. His medical practice is there, but he says "Some of my best friends are still in San Diego".

Joan Hickey Stifl, Carol and Dennis Van Der Maaten, Rick Schofield, Patti Jo Foor Morgart

Jerry Smithson, Gary Byrnes, Carl Baumgartner Snyder • Rich Ambler, Sharon Jarvis Daigle. Sharon was touching up her "do" earlier in the day when her husband passed through the room. "I'll bet the hair dye is flying today," he opined.

Christy Hazlewood, Ted Hazlewood, Brenda Smith Clark • Bevin Montgomery, Lulu Anaya Bayless, Walt Beerle

Kathy Walter Dennis, Dave Farnell, Brenda Smith Clark, Anita Smith • Walt Beerle, '62 Spy Ron Newport, Joe Hasenauer

Nona Beckham Eichelberger, Anita Smith, Mrs. & Joe Hasenauer

Jeanne Baker Stewart, Jerry Smithson, Renee Feil • Al Feil gets a surprise from "The Missus"

Kathy Walters Dennis, Brenda Smith Clark, Carolyn Reusch Bamberg • Bob Johnston, Ilja Weinrieb & Terry Hudson

Jeanne Baker Stewart holds a tumbler of Absolut vodka, crediting Archimedes with the concept "the olive takes up too much room". Jerry Smith and the Feils make do with traditional mixed drinks

Dave Flucht, Jeanne Baker Stewart, Walt Beerle, Anita Smith, Ron Newport

Alice Van Hecke Goggin, George Prout, Sarina Klein Nordmarken, Jerry Smithson, Anita Smith

Sarina Klein Nordmarken, Patti Jo Foor Morgart, Kirsten Nigro, Barbara Lamb MacNeill

Al Feil & John McMullen • Ollie Nordmarken, Gene & Karen Grigg

Jerry Smithson, Sarina Klein Nordmarken, Carolyn Reusch Bamberg, George Prout

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