Crawford High Class of 1963

40th Reunion

Marriott Hotel, San Diego

September 20, 2003

This picture may be ordered as an 8 x 10 glossy photograph from the photographer. Get out your credit card and call Victor Goodpasture at 760-603-0778. The cost is $25, plus shipping and handling and, where applicable, California State sales tax.

The committee -- Nona Beckham Eichelberger, John McMullen, George Fogelman, Wes Western, Jerry Smithson, Sarina Klein ("Put on your red dress, Mama!") Nordmarken, Brenda Smith Clark, Anita Smith • John Fry & George Fogelman


Anita Smith, Leonard Lamb, Olin Ong Lamb, Brenda Smith Clark, Kathy Walters Dennis

Cheri DeBusk Grippo, Jean Hickey Allen, Joan Hickey Stifl • Joe Simmons, Joel Haffner, Rick Schofield, John McMullen

Bruce & Joan Hafer; Dick & Nancy Hines Bachman

Barbara Lamb MacNeill & Jerry Smithson • Pam & Ilja Weinrieb • Mary Anne & Rick Schofield

Linda Butler Comer & Ed Comer • Patty Joe Foor Morgart & John Morgart • Joel Haffner & John McMullen

Joel Haffner & Sarina Klein Nordmarken • Nancy Hines Bachman & Kathy O'Connor Willis • Ken Daley & Rick Herrmann

Joe Hasenauer & Alice Van Hecke Goggin • Jeanne Baker Stewart & Gary Stewart • Kirsten Nigro & Roland Barach

Bob Johnston, Will Rogers, Rich Ambler, Walt Beerle

Dave Flucht says, "I no longer have the $12 to get out of the parking garage, but I think I can afford one more drink!"

Carolyn Reusch Bamberg, Donna Genaro Spafford, Rollie Fanton Abernathy

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