Lorrie Menconi

Playboy and 007: The Durable Bond

By Greg Bechtloff

The most interesting Playmate with a Bond connection at the Playboy Expo was Miss February 1969, Lorrie Menconi. Miss Menconi was the centerfold in the Playboy that James Bond reads while breaking into Gumbold's safe in the film version of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. You will recall that Bond steals Lorrie Menconi's centerfold and takes an appreciative peek as he passes Gumbold in the hall.

Lorrie Menconi clearly relishes her addition to the Bond Girl family, albeit in a circuitous way. Raymond Benson himself informed Miss Menconi of her Bond connection. Lorrie now gladly signs Bond related items. She inscribed my Bond book as "The centerfold he steals".

In all, the Playboy Expo was a fun and interesting event in its own right. The extensive 007 connections made it a must stop for serious Bond fans who appreciate the literary and cinematic heritage of James Bond.
MKKBB would like to thank Raymond Benson for providing us with the photos you see on this page.

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Miss February 1969

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