Alma Mater
Here is the Crawford Alma Mater sheet music. I thought the old purple ditto look was charming -- especially now at a time when most young people have no idea what a ditto copy is -- Owen "Wes" Western '63


Who Designed the Colt logo?

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There was a vote at Horace Mann and there was a huge disappointment among the students when we realized it was Red, White, Blue and Colts. We hated it and there was a lot of flack going around that the other colors and mascot won but the faculty didn't like it so they overrode it. No Cookie, you and Doug are NOT dreaming. That is how I remember it as well -- Aletha McGregor Dellamo ‘60

The Crawford logo was not designed at the Drogin house. The Alma Mater was with Carol Drogin playing the piano. Mike Kilpatrick played the guitar. I wasn't there but Carol was a good friend of mine and never mentioned anything about the logo in all the years we knew each other. Carol died two years ago. When we arrived in 1958 as the first class to graduate in 1959 the name Colts seemed to have been decided on. I did as part of the newspaper staff help name the "Pacer". I also named the spring dance "April a la Mode". I would guess that Colt logo might have been designed by Cliff Wynne ’59, already an accomplished artist and later designer of the NFL logo we see all the time. Cliff had a great art career in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he too is deceased -- Janice Allison Hartwig ’59

I remember the vote a little differently than Ginny does. While in the ninth grade at Horace Mann, we voted on the colors. The overwhelming choice was black and white. We were all shocked when the announcement came that the colors would be crimson and blue with white --
Doug Houser '60

I too remember the whole school voting and that many of us thought black and teal was the coolest choice. But I also remember a big push towards choosing some sort of aircraft as the mascot because Mr. Crawford was an air force pilot. Now how twisted is my memory? The colt won and black and teal won but the powers that be 'suggested' that red, white and blue honored Mr. Crawford better and was the final compromise. Am I dreaming? --
Cookie Rogers Miller '60

Regarding Crawford colors. Actually the whole school voted. Red, White & Blue beat Black and Teal. I lost --
Ginny Sanderson Dahlen ’60

The Colt logo, the Alma Mater, and the Red, White and Blue school colors were created by a small group of the class of '59. If memory serves me they included: Marlene Kolender, Sandi Liflander, Jerry Monell, Diane Dawson, Carol Drogin and me --
Ilene Heiman Sherman '59

I don’t know who designed the Colt Logo. I know that Betty Gille designed the centaur on the cover of the '59 yearbook and Cliff Wynne and I did the drawings for the section pages. Jesse Morphew, the faculty advisor was at the 45th reunion and if he attends the upcoming 50th in October, I will ask him --
Maren Krieps Webb ‘59

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