The Cave at Alvarado Estates

It's not an Urban Legend

Dietra Anderson's Stir-Ups Card 1961-1962

One more club I wasn't invited to join

  The Airstrip in Alvarado Estates

It's not an Urban Legend

1959 Graduation Party

An invitation saved by Dietra Anderson

The Hobart House 1962

A menu saved by Dietra Anderson

he Last Show at the Santee Drive-In

September 26, 1962 - December 31, 2023


Dietra Anderson's Invitation to the 1961 Junior Ball

Jeff Greenleaf Benefit Dance

"My First Date with Lee Young"

"We're Having A Ball"

Invitation to a party on January 24, 1959

"Out of the Frying Pan"

Dietra Anderson Davis '62 saved the program
from this play performed on December 1-2, 1960

The Boyfriend

1969 Senior Play memorabilia from the collection of Ed Schoenberg '70
With additional comments by Jim Dyke '66

"Uncle Russ" Plummer

From Band Singer to Kids' Entertainer

Sears Hillcrest

The birth and death of the Cleveland Avenue superstore

Howdy, howdy!!

Memories of Johnny Downs

The House on Mohawk Street

Denny Bishop recalls mentoring his brother Stephen Bishop

Corinth Street 1958 City Directory

Class of '69 Trio Tries To Buy The Ferry "San Diego" April 16, 1969

George Sorenson, Mike Safford and Bruce Reed gave it a shot

American Bandstand January 14, 1967

Mike Schwartz '61 appearing as "Mike Williams"

Long Bar Tijuana BC 1968

"3 Coins in the Fountain"

Bob Richardson's photo of a 1960 San Diego State Homecoming Float
(Is that Valerie Ziegenfuss in the crowd?)

A Page From The Photo Album of Barbara Holewinski Leonard '62

Postal Covers from the USS Saratoga (CV-3)

Donated by Keven Carruth '65

The Little Restaurants of San Diego 1974

Posted on Facebook by Jose Carreno April 12, 2022

Monte Hall's Playland 7380 El Cajon Blvd 1947

Carole Ross '60 rides a pony in this color video

Tiny Town Ranch

Three photos from Gil Tisnado

"Why I Am A Bachelor"

Snapshots from a play courtesy of Gary Juleen '64

5707 Hardy Avenue

1950s Photos from the back yard of Bob Richardson '61

Nominating Convention April 30, 1965

Blumer's Bakery

Ken Blumer checks in

Blumer's Bakery

Catering receipts from Leatha McGowan's wedding

Campus Chuck Wagon

Courtesy of Mike and Linda Roberts Ponsford

San Diego Memories II

The Slayen Family -- including baby twins Ron and Larry -- get a whole page
San Diego Memories III

Patt Frazier and Al McBride are pictured at the April 1962 Crawford Car Show

1956 Fiesta del Pacifico Program

Courtesy of Bob Schriebman '60

1935 Dias Cardinales
This is the Hoover High yearbook when Ted Williams was on the baseball team but not in the annual, and Les Cassie -- father of Tom Cassie '62 and Jim Cassie '65 -- was in the yearbook but not in the photo of the baseball team.

The Cinnamon Cinder

The Summer of '55

Bob Richardson '61 takes tennis lessons

The East San Diego Library

Memories of the Carnegie Library on Fairmount Avenue

Sign of the Sun

A 1966 ad for a folk music venue on College Avenue

Milk Man!!

Memories of home-delivered milk


Gary Juleen '64 remembers Mr. Brosio, locker checks and A & W Root Beer

Colts who served in the military

Clippings from the January 26, 1938 San Diego Sun

Courtesy of Gary Schulte '62

Smokey Rogers KFMB Birthday Parties

I've taken Smokey off the Monte Hall Page and given him his own

Cinema Grossmont

From Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page

No Vacancy/I Let My Wife Support Me

Owen Western shares a Smokey Rogers 78 from his record collection

"You gonna eat that?"

A lunch time photo taken from the 1964 Centaur

Hands Across The Border

Jim Kermott shares a photo of Colts and Cardinals at the Colt
Country Club (any bar in Tijuana on a Friday or Saturday night)

SDSC Professor John Adams

You may recognize the names of some of his colleagues

Where's Waldo?

Why wasn't Billy Kousens in the photo he sent of Richard Degen's wedding?

5495 Redwood Street

Doug Kelimoff shares snapshots of the family
home in 1955 just before they moved to El Cajon.

Monte Hall's Playland

"Cowboy Ron" Jagodinski shares a 1953 photo

E T Ross' English Class 1964

Courtesy of Alan Osborn

School Savings Stamps

and Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps too!!

The Campus Plaza Shopping Center

An article mostly about the Campus Drive-in

Who's The Girl With The "R"?

Drum Major George Sorensen sends photos of the 1969 Mother Goose Parade

Mickie Finn's

Remember San Diego's "#1 Speakeasy"? I just found some great photos on the Vintage San Diego Facebook page.

Cotton Patch Restaurant

Jan Tonnesen shares a menu from the spot that spawned the Boll Weevil chain.

Where's Nancy?

Nancy Watson Wingo shares a 1955 photo of Girl Scout Troop 643.
She's in the photo but you'll have a hard time finding her.

The Nomads CD

Lew Fay (Lincoln '59), original leader of The Nomads, has issued a CD
of the group's 1998 OMBAC "Coming Out Party" concert featuring 16 hits
you'll remember from high school -- and 4 original Nomad songs.

Land of Oden -- and Bifrost Bridge

Thanks to Duane and Sharon Cramer Sceper

The day it snowed in San Diego

A video -- and some Colt memories

Dennstedt Village

We're looking for photographs

El Cajon Boulevard

Color shots from the '60s and '70s


Barbara Goetz Cook '69 shares photos from her surfing days at Windansea

Hola, Senor!!

Some Colts on burros in Tijuana

Where is this liquor store?

Bill "Cappy" Paxton '66 shares a color photo of his parents'
liquor store circa 1948. He's not sure where it was.

Who ARE these people?

Marilyn Spier Myers '70 shares a couple of snapshots from a party she went to in
La Jolla hosted by her Home Economics teacher. Maybe you remembers her name.

It Was THAT Close!!

The family of Owen Western '63 came within 3 minutes of winning a new Cadillac in 1964 --
but they still got a snazzy Volkswagen from Wolff Motors, courtesy of Douglas Oil Company.

Palisade Gardens Skating Rink

A photo discovered on the Vintage San Diego Facebook Page

Hot Babes of 1956

Bob Richardson '61 raids his sister's photo album

Erwin Somogyi Gets Award

Barbara Hinrichs Vester '61 shares a yellowed newspaper clipping

Aunt Emma's Pancakes Menu

I've finally gotten to the Ann Roskos Rofflesen collection, on temporary loan from her sister Susan Roskos Mardon
We'll start with the prize I pulled out of a very large stack of prom, after-prom, and other social memoriabilia

What's wrong with this photo?

Bill "Cappy" Paxton '66 shares a shot of San Diego State he took in 1968


A ticket to the Beatles concert at Balboa Stadium, plus hand-colored concert posters
for The Association and the Byrds, from the 3-ring binder of Kris Pruski Wood '70

When We Were Home

Gary Cliser might be the John Fry of the San Gabriel Valley. You'll LOVE this web site!!

Rolando Park Rules!!

Glenna Morrow Jacket shares a photo of her Rolando
Park classmates taken at the Class of '63's 20th Reunion

The Contrasts

Recently discovered photos of a band that included several Colts

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Peter Thompson '65 shares a couple of snapshots of him as a
17-year old, when he taught Jack Tempchin how toplay the guitar

1956 Chevy

More Bob Mardon photos of the Nesbit twins and snazzy cars


Sharon Cramer Sceper '68 could make a tasty snack
at a 1956 visit to a Southern California Alligator Farm

Der Wienerschnitzel

Colts weigh in on Ed Schoenberg's mental health

Avast Ye Maties!!

Ted Hazlewood's Cub Scout Pack assaults a ship in San Diego Harbor in the 1950s

How Hot WAS It?

Crawford alumni recall the hottest day EVER in San Diego -- and Charles F. Mobley

TOPS vs RCA Victor

Some thoughts on 45 rpm economics by Bob Richardson '62

JFK in San Diego, June 6, 1963

A photo from USS Enterprise (CV-6) veteran A. T. Burke
prompted me to put all of the links onto one new page

Double Secret Probation

The Richardson family takes revenge on the Sigma
Phi Epsilon House -- but there are consequences


Colts and their automobiles

Cars We Drove To School

Richard Mooney '74 drove a '58 Nash Metropolitan

Cars We WISH We Drove To School

Bob Richardson's 1961 dream car

Burning rubber on Chollas Parkway

and other photos from Bill Ross '65

Hard to Believe!!

These stunning photos of vintage cars are MODELS!!!

1959 Thomas Brothers Map of San Diego

Now I remember why we always went to La Jolla Shores --
The traffic circle at Rosecrans was a nightmare!!

Richard Crawford's Union-Tribune article about the 1960 El Cajon Blvd. drag
strip riots gives me a chance to update and reprise an earlier treatment of the event

Joel Zane's New Paint Job

Two photos of Dennis Aiken and Joel's '57 Chevy in the
Crawford parking lot -- and the $50 invoice for proof.

The Cars We Drove in the '50s and '60s

A great site, compliments of Jeri McGuire Gutowski '65


Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Andy's Restaurant

Colts remember Katie

Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant

Jacqueline Reed Boehmke, sister of Jani Reed Ellis '60 forwards a
vintage snapshot of Don Jose's -- and maybe the Don himself

When Oscars occupied the southeast corner of Euclid and El Cajon

Aunt Emma's Pancakes

A bib and a coffee cup

Cafeteria Food

Colts share fond memories


El Cerrito Heights

A 1942 shot from National Geographic and something current from Google Earth

Little Surfer, Surfer Girl

Karin Lynch, Pam Fallgren, and Cheri Lynch are the personification of a Beach Boys song

Improper Use of Half-Mask

I'm not sure what it means, but that's why my Dad's photos didn't come out. Check
out some of the envelopes that contain the Fry Family photographs from the 1940s..

Del Potrillo 60

Bob Richardson and Mike Roberts get the cover shot in Baja

University Lanes Postcard

Highlanders, Cardinals and Colts, Oh My!!

Bob Richardson's 11th Birthday

But Wait -- There's More!!

Bob Richardson throws nothing away

Happy New Year 1956!!

San Diego State faculty members conviviate

Convair Aircraft of the 1950s

Brownie Hawkeye shots from Ron Jagodinski '62

Camping Memories

Camp Cuyamaca Songbook

Susan Marshall Gordon '64 includes a photo of her Hobo Stove

Camp Cuyamaca

Camp photos from Bob Richardson and memories from lots of others

Camp Marston

It snowed for Ken Burton '66

Camp Palomar

The Camp Palomar Songbook, courtesy of Dietra Anderson Davis '62

The Story of the Boulevard Sign

A video courtesy of Brent Clingman '73
(Past president of the El Cajon Boulevard Business Association)

El Cajon Blvd

Historical photos and a Crawford-produced video

Balboa Stadium and Westgate Park

Mike Linder shares some memorabilia

Memories of Adams Avenue

Four Colt Fillies circa 1948

Levis, Pedal Pushers and a Poodle Skirt

Horace Mann grads Barbara Hobart, Margaret Richardson and Diane Dawson

But I don't WANT to go by myself!!!

Bob Richarson '61 takes the train to Berkley in 1949

Did too!! Did not!!!

The Great Class of '60 Graduation Controversy

San Diego Electric Railway

Color shots of San Diego's streetcars in the 1950s

Arrrr Maties!!

'65 buddies Bill Ross and Pat Myers worked on the Star of India
each day after school -- and they rode their bikes!!

Clyde Beatty Circus

Bob Richardson's mother let him skip school in 1949

Ooh! La! La!

Spencer Milne '60 and Barbara Hobart '59 in bathing suits

Cameron and Jeff Smith

More 1959 color from Bob Richardson '61

One Day in 1948

Faded color slides of Aztec Villa and Cucymaca from Bob Richardson '61


The Movies

Helix Theater, 1951

Dave Leonard thought you'd like this

Rancho Drive-In

Julie Daniels Eskew '64 shares a photo her uncle took AND a link to an expanded "Field of Screams" -- a history of Drive-Ins in San Diego

Wanna see Mary Wilcox Craven '63 and Judy Wilcox Baker '66
in swimsuits? (Apparently there used to be a swimming
pool in front of the Campus Drive-In)

Drive-In Theaters August 26, 1963

Courtesy of Willie Skinner (Mission Bay '67)

Drive-In Theatres 1968

Do you know where the Tu-Vu was located?

Robert Laudy '73 forwards some technical data
on the theater where I first saw "The Exorcist"

Here are some night shots of San Diego
theaters I took during the Winter of 1979

When I was a kid we lived in East San Diego -- and the area
around Euclid and El Cajon was where the action was

Rancho Drive-In Closes

A History of Theaters in San Diego

Thanks to Dennis Blackburn '62 for this complete list of theaters and -- in some cases -- photographs


1960 Vespers Program

More from Jeannine Berger Passenheim '60

"A Salute to the Dance"

A program from the Joy Dance Studio, May 31, 1952
courtesy of Jeannine Berger Passenheim '60

Memories of Mohawk Street

Some photos from Jeannine Berger Passenheim '60

Dames in the Kitchen Cookbook

There IS a Crawford connection.

Where Is Neil Cunningham?

Bob Richardson shares two photos he took of his 1961 classmate

Colt Originals

A wistful shot of four girls from 1959 -- in 1958

Who Designed The Colt Logo?

The debate continues

Brownie Hawkeye vs Yashica Mat

Was it the photographer or the camera? Two photos by
Bob Richardson '61 of the King and Queen of the 1959 Senior Prom

Wanna Dance?

Bill Woods '65 generates memories of the Silverado Ballroom

Lifeguards 1972

Ken Burton says he was the fourth Colt on the 1972 Silver Strand Lifeguard team

Lindbergh Field 1958

Ken Burton '72 sends a color photo of Garry and Barry Petersen '71
exiting a United Air Lines DC-6 when the terminal was on Pacific Highway

San Diego in the 1950s

Ken Burton '72 shares some color shots

1957 Thearle Piano Festival

The beginning and end of my piano career.

Balboa Stadium Auto Races

More color photos from Aunt Hazel

Balboa Park Miniature Railway

Bill Ross '65 submits some gorgeous Kodachromes taken by his aunt Hazel Camren in 1948

Santana Who?

Bill Paxton '66 shares a photo of the 1969 Mother's Day Concert
at Aztec Stadium. Santana was the unknown band on the bill.

Bill's Retro World -- A Celebration of Life in Better Times

Another winner from Julie Eskew Daniel '64

The Smokey Rogers Birthday Gang

Five-year old Danna Patterson Dyke '68 is sporting a brand new perm!!!

Doo Wop Oldies Quiz

Courtesy of Julie Eskew Daniel '64

Crawford Orchestra

Jerry Ellis '61 shares a photo

Still Surfing After All These Years

Terry Hall '64 discovers a 1968 video of his "home" in Chul Lai, Vietnam

Original Babes

Bob Richardson '61 sends a photo of three '59 grads

1972 Graduation Photos

Was it on the football field?

Woolworth's College Grove

Julie Eskew Daniel '64 forwards a menu

Oh My God!!!

You won't believe the photo sent in by Margaret Pagliuso '66
-- and Linda Schneider Crawford '75 gets her 21 in, too

The Russians Are Coming!!

A 1955 Civil Defense Evacuation Plan for San Diego
courtesy of my cousin Jim Harper '68

Ozzie's Marching Band

Lotsa folks knew the answer to Don Rogers'
question -- read what they had to say about it

Things Which Aren't Here Anymore

A great "Southern California in the '50s" site

Do You Remember These?

You can never get too much Statler Brothers

The Jury

All we got is the poster from the All School Play, but it's pretty cool.
It's from Ed Schoenberg so it's 1970 (or '69 -- or '68)

The Inexhaustible Jukebox

Gary Todd '59 has done it again


This program, from June 12, 1969, hasn't held up as well as the others

The Summer of '61

Bob Richardson sends a photo from Rio,
plus a 1955 shot of '59ers doing the Can Can

12,000 Old Radio Shows

Free-for-nuthin' -- thanks to Gary Todd '59

Rebel Without A Cause

I think this one is from 1969

It's Not Althea!!!

Aletha McGregor Dellamo '60 is featured in the December 6, 1957 Evening Tribune

Little Miss Sunshine

Our first peek at the Ed Schoenberg Collection

North Park Dollar Days

Too bad it was September 5, 1957

John Fry's 1961 Scrapbook

A recently-discovered collection of sports clippings

Did You Know William GLENN Secrist '63?

His biological son would love to hear from you

Senior Awards 1971

Contributed by Michael Pemberton

Senior Play 1971

"Jud Fry is dead, poor Jud Fry is dead"

The Old Man's Kite

Richard Cone's "mostly-true" story about flying kites in
Oak Park -- and the behemoth built by his father

See More of Roberta's Goodies

Roberta Goss Marino found her Cougar pin, Driver Training certificate
and a photo of her and Janet Smith in their drill team outfits

Sandy and the Accents

Ken Farmer D'Angelo '66 says that's him makin' the ladies smile

Christmas 1953

Shunerts and Shrupps and Richardsons -- Oh My!!
(And don't forget Fritz and Kenny Ziegenfuss)

Is Mickie Finn's Still Around?

Arkansas' Jim Smith '61 found his Mickie Finn's Card

A Page from the Photo Album of Ellen Scott Hahn '59

Bluebirds and Brownies and Girl Scouts -- Oh My!!

Still Have Your Civil Defense Card?

Nancy Watson Wingo does -- and a lot more!!

You Send Me/Silhouettes

Here's a lovely little 3 minute piano medley,
courtesy of Sarina Klein Nordmarken '63

Christmas 1955

Two color shots of some pre-Colts at the Richardson Party

More Goodies from the '50s and '60s, courtesy of Jim Smith '63

(Click on the BMI logo. If you've been drinking, this could pose a
challenge. Make sure you've got a quart of Rocky Road to snack on
-- some of these links take quite a while to complete their journey)

Wayne Lawson and his "Stardusters" 1962

Another musical portrait from Joe Dyke '65

"The Barons" Compete at the 1964 "Battle of the Bands"

The 1965 San Diego Beatles' Concert

Dave Leonard has exhausted his collection of Top 40 radio lists but sent me an ad
from the Beatles' concert in Balboa Stadium -- and that led to even more stuff.

Is Belmont Park Still Around?

To Ed Nixon '63, of Everett, WA, I say "Is it ever"!!! Click on the link above to take
a ride on the roller coaster -- and don't miss the history link for some great old photos.

Class of '62 30-Year Reunion Photo

Here's the group shot taken,I think, at the Town & Country Hotel

The Pam Burroughs Collection

The 1963 grad shares photos of the prom, after-prom and graduation.
Plus lots of other Crawford goodies.

"Garden of Fashion"

Invitation and Program for the May 12, 1961 Fashion Show


The 1962 Junior Ball Program

Black and White

A wistful dream of a time that never really existed

Take Me Back to the Fifties

The best Golden Oldies site ever -- resubmitted by Gary Todd '59

1961 Senior Play Program

Ask Any Girl was performed on April 13th & 14th

Barbara Green: Pre-Teen Queen

Read the November 3, 1955 Evening Tribune article about the 1963 graduate's
coronation as Miss San Diego National Guard -- at age 10!!!

Sally Brett's Photo Album

Brownies, Fad and Fun Day 1960, and some cheesecake

A Night With Neptune

1962 ASB Ball

Mardi Gras

1961 ASB. Ball

Three Members of the Class of 1964

Maurice Barringer '64 sent in the Youth Page of the San Diego Union, November 23, 1963, which featured an article on John McGuigan and Bob Lawrence and also had a photo of the late Peggy Nusbaum.

1964's Homecoming Court

Dan Burton '66, USMC

Gale Johnson '69 Opens Up The Old Guitar Case and Makes a CD

The Death of Marcia Degen '63

Crawford teacher Karen Robinson asks us about Marcia, whose name is engraved on a plaque in a planter box at the end of the 800 Building

Media Reports on Marcia's Death

Don't miss the actual KDEO news report tape-recorded by Owen Western '63

Arnold Tripp A Life Scout

From the San Diego Union December 11, 1954

Helga Ritter's First Job

The 1962 graduate's summer job as a dental assistant is featured in the August 18, 1962 San Diego Evening Tribune

My Scrapbook of Memories

by Paula Hildebrand Clare '64

Allied Gardens Turns 50 (Did Colts live in Allied Gardens?)

Horace Mann "Bits & Skits" Program, November 19-20, 1958

Esquire Motors


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